You can't stop the beat

As we ring in the New Year, what meaning-of-life advice can we cull from colloquialisms using the word “beat”?

I’m beat …

“I’m beat” implies that I’m really tired, exhausted perhaps, but states it in a way that’s less dramatic than saying “I’m exhausted.” The expression also implies a hint of the condition being temporary, like “I put in a good day’s work, and now it’s time to take a break.”

As we enter the New Year, try toning down dramatic negative language. When you state something with dramatic emphasis, you are adding to the energy of the feeling. It’s not about stuffing a real feeling; it’s about acknowledging it in a way that de-emphasizes it rather than overemphasizes it. To illustrate, look at this succession of statements and feel the energy difference as the language becomes less dramatic:


  • I really can’t stand him!

  • He constantly annoys me.

  • He annoys me.

  • What he did just now, I found annoying.

Can you feel the energy become less and less troublesome, therefore less and less permanent? Interestingly, in this example, whichever language is chosen has no effect on “him;” however, it viscerally impacts the speaker.

Beat it …

The obvious meaning of “beat it” is “get out of here. You’re not wanted.” It also implies that you’re insignificant. But let’s change it up and make the expression work for us in the upcoming year. “Beat it” is a casual brush off. What if you purged that which no longer serves you, but approached the clearing-out with a casual “beat it” attitude? Energetically, you’re allowing something to leave you rather than setting up the resistance of it being very, very hard to get rid of. Say, “beat it” to procrastination, instead of “I just have to stop being so lazy. I’m destroying my life!” Try, “Beat it, ten pounds,” rather than “I HAVE TO lose ten pounds!”

As with “I’m beat,” the goal is to choose words, thus the energy that they contain, that are not negatively dramatic. Use a lighter touch. Be playful. Self-improvement can be fun and not dreadful.

The beat goes on …

This expression is true whether you’re on board or not. The world turns. Life changes. Things progress.

Years ago, I was the speaker at a luxury resort. The surrounding area was isolated and the townspeople had dug in their heels in a strong protest against cell towers. The result was that guests at the resort could not easily keep in touch with the world. Since the resort was expensive, quite often those who visited were accustomed to cutting edge technology, communications, and speediness. And for the cost, they expected great service, including cell service!

During my recent years speaking at that resort, not only have they had cell service, but they have great reception everywhere on the property. Did the townspeople lose? Well, they may have had to deal with cell towers in their region, but at least now they have freedom of choice – to cell or not to cell. The world continued around them despite their effort to freeze time. And it always does.

Accept change. Accept the lines on your face as the decades pass. Accept that people move and people die. Accept that jobs are lost and jobs are found. We have breakouts, we have breakups, and we have breakthroughs. This year, live peacefully in the knowledge that the only constant is change.

Don’t miss a beat …

“Don’t miss a beat” reminds us to stay on top of change. You can stagnate quickly, professionally, socially, financially, and technologically, if you don’t stay alert and informed. Yet, in a world of information bombardment, it’s also healthy to unplug. Finding that balance between doing and being is an art. One keeps us engaged, busy, and potentially forward-moving, but the other replenishes us and allows us the energy to build, to create, and to grow. To maximize the benefits of either, it’s important to value and embrace both.

Go to the beat of a different drummer …

Ahhhh! Did you come to earth to be like everyone else? Or are you an exceptional and unique human whose presence and touch the world wants to experience? Do things in your own way regardless of societal expectations. All great achievements are founded upon independent thought, courage, and imagination. It doesn’t take much imagination to follow the crowd, but to step into your true nature and passions takes creativity and a commitment to be exactly who you want to be. We’re lucky to have you on this planet so let us enjoy all your originality!

You can’t beat it!

Kicking off a New Year with these suggestions in your mind and in your actions is sure to attract more positive into your life.

Happy New Year!

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