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Monday, March 11th   All sessions: 7 - 8:30pm ET    Meets 2nd Monday of every month

Advanced Intuition - Become Your Own Conduit to Infinite Wisdom & Eternal Connections


We will examine and grow our ability to connect with nonphysical sources of guidance.  The gateway to infinite knowledge and experience is continually available to support us in making discoveries, paralleling with our soul's intention, remembering past lives, exploring methods for dramatically increasing our happiness, and allowing us to experience the bliss that comes with enlightenment. 

Through discussion, readings, homework, and optional partner assignments, we will let the dazzling universe in more completely and beneficially.  

2 Ways to Register:

$99 auto-renewed subscription every 3 months.  



Pay as you go $40

Get ready to explore:

  • remember past lives

  • communicate with past love ones

  • find out who your guides are, including those you knew before we were born

  • delve into meaningful dream interpretation

  • discover and understanding signs

  • increase incidents of your knowing connection

  • connect with well-known souls

  • develop multiple means of connecting

  • increase your positive level of awareness

  • understand more about topics such as psychometry, numerology, and astrology from an INTUITIVE perspective

All 90 minute online classes using meeting services.  Meeting room info sent after registration.

All sessions are recorded so if you miss one you can always watch whenever you like.

April 5 -7, 2024 - Abbottowns, PA -Weekend Workshop

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Journey to the Energy Realm

Let’s delve into the exploration of consciousness and allow your awareness to transcend the confines of your physical body. Imagine liberating your consciousness and opening doors to uncharted territories!

Enjoy the serene destination of a 40-acre countryside, farm setting.  We will offer the opportunity to stay onsite* inexpensively or you may stay at one of the nearby hotels.  Four meals will be included in your package easy.

Early Registration ends2/29


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Did you miss 

Karen Garvey's Yearly Kickoff Event?


Get the full video now

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Weren't able to attend in person? You can now watch the entire presentation

GET CLEAR -video access

To align with the Word of the Year's energy, what are the easiest, most reliable steps to GET and BE clear?  If you are ready to make your life more purposeful and more connected, attend this fast-paced seminar and leave with usable tools.


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