Saturday, April 17th 1-5pm In Person Seminar - Smithtown, NY 

C.R.E.A.T.E. - Connect with Radiant Energy to Achieve Triumphant Experiences

There’s a flip switch within every one of us that turns on our fully empowered selves. The harder the struggle from childhood on, the more stubbornly that switch may be stuck in the “off” position.  It’s not permanent.  Let’s turn it back to on together. You have no limits and you are truly worthy of everything you want!

Join me on April 17th from 1 to 5 PM in Smithtown, New York, for an experiential seminar that will bust that switch free.  We will get it to move.  As we re-emerge from a global pause, we want to do so in our full power. 😀

Since this event will take place indoors at a private residence, we cannot provide social distancing, but we will limit attendance.  Masks are welcome for those who choose.  Lunch and beverages included.

Price: $129

No refunds, however, ticket is transferable


Monday, May 10    All sessions: 7 - 8:30pm ET    Meets 2nd Monday of every month

Advanced Intuition - Become Your Own Conduit to Infinite Wisdom & Eternal Connections

We will examine and grow our ability to connect with nonphysical sources of guidance.  The gateway to infinite knowledge and experience is continually available to support us in making discoveries, paralleling with our soul's intention, remembering past lives, exploring methods for dramatically increasing our happiness, and allowing us to experience the bliss that comes with enlightenment. 

Through discussion, readings, homework, and optional partner assignments, we will let the dazzling universe in more completely and beneficially.  

2 Ways to Register:

$99 auto-renewed subscription every four month.  



Pay as you go $35

Get ready to explore:

  • remember past lives

  • communicate with past love ones

  • find out who your guides are, including those you knew before we were born

  • delve into meaningful dream interpretation

  • discover and understanding signs

  • increase incidents of your knowing connection

  • connect with well-known souls

  • develop multiple means of connecting

  • increase your positive level of awareness

  • understand more about topics such as psychometry, numerology, and astrology from an INTUITIVE perspective

All 90 minute online classes using meeting services.  Meeting room info sent after registration.

All sessions are recorded so if you miss one you can always watch whenever you like.

Returns Soon: Date to be announced

New York City Enlightenment Power Group & Making Discoveries

We are combining the NYC and Plainview meetings online.  We hope to be able be with you physically once again real soon!

Each month, we explore the universal wisdom that propels our growth and happiness.  The great news is that the guides of audience members determine the direction the topic takes each month, so the information is uncannily personally relevant.  Karen also focuses on individual questions and concerns, as well, to bring forth information directly from your guides.

Location: 230 Central Park West (Corner of 83rd),  New York