12 Things You Need to Know for 2020

Our guides explained during 2019 that 2020 will play an important part in the transition from where humanity has been spirituality to where it is going.  An unprecedented wave of spiritual energy is quickly culminating into an unfamiliar, yet potentially great, world in which we live.  As the energy shift continues, you can benefit from the changes, or you can be steamrolled over by them.  In order to prepare us for this shift, we spent 2019 focusing on the building blocks of preparedness.

The energy of 2020 is basically like a massive wave. We are surfers. Our boards and skills are readied by these building blocks. The building blocks train us to stay on that board and glide the wave all the way onto the shores, still standing. Those who haven’t been prepared, meaning that they are living asleep not knowing some of the basics in the building blocks, will be tumbling in the wave, instead of riding on the wave with us.

The building blocks create the foundation of happiness and understanding reality. You don’t have to master them all. Having the intention to amp them up in your life, focusing on learning more about the ones that elude you, and fine-tuning the ones that you already embody, is going to prepare you for the energy of 2020, so you can free yourself of chaos even while others may not.

These building blocks, as examined below, will allow you to choose to be on the side of benefiting from the energy.

1. Change is possible.

Don’t think of this in the generic sense. Rather understand that change is possible for you regardless of your history, habits, or past beliefs.

2. Soften.

Shift from a harsh perspective to a softer version of that perspective.

3. Warmth.

In an era when we’re litigating against human contact, know that human touch, connection, and eye contact are essential ingredients for well-being.

4. The basis of every disharmony on this planet is fear.

Fear creates inertia, resistance, lack, and limits. Fearing less creates a pathway to complete abundance and harmony.

5. We are eternal.

When you remember this fact, you can tap into the infinite powers around you and in you. You also naturally live more in honor of others, yourself, the animal and plant communities, and the universe.

6. Get fired up about your life.

Value the miracle of being exactly you with all your cells, your thoughts, your past, your experiences, your accomplishments, your quirks, your dreams, and your power. There’s no one like you and never will be. Now, that’s pretty exciting!

7. There's nothing wrong with you.  

Many schools of thought have us pursuing improvement so fervently that we begin to believe that we are innately flawed. You are whole, you are amazing, you are limitless. You may have some perceptions, history, or pain that you’d like to overcome, but these factors are a byproduct of life, and awakening brings you back to your awesome self.

8. Find out what you are made of.

Don’t wait for a crisis to find your power. Activate your uniqueness and your strengths by setting goals and embarking on new adventures. Let go of limits and fall back in love with yourself.

9. Accept that you are not your body.

Understand and know that our consciousness is not connected to our bodies. As eternal beings, it's good to remember that you are not sewn into that body; your consciousness prevails with or without your present body. When you stop thinking that you are a singular finite thing, you become liberated. You get to explore more, feel more, laugh more, create more, live more, be more, and play more. The advantage of remembering that you are not your body is that you can find personal pursuits that allow you to feel less confined by the body that you live in.

If life feels dreary, lacking in flavor or vibrancy, there are ways that you can allow your soul to travel and experience more of the expansiveness that it is meant to experience. Although these explorations are different for every individual, they are worth unlocking. Try more meditating, playing, creating, daydreaming, auto-writing, pursuing a passion, saturating the senses, or analyzing your dreams. The more you pursue these avenues, the more you will tap into your soul’s intent instead of living as though you are merely human. And as you increasingly live there, you will increasingly dissolve the negative aspects of a rigidly human-based experience.

10. The art of surrender.

Let it go. Holding on, micromanaging things, or needing to control all create resistance. Resistance prevents the good stuff from getting to you. Instead, visualize or create what you want. Then put effort toward it, but don’t suffocate it.

11. Everything is connected.

The visual I get here is a train of standing dominos that stretches around the world. When you knock over a domino, it may take a long time for it to knock down a domino in China, but eventually it will happen. And then it continues back around again to you.

12. Know what you want.

That sounds simple, yet it happens to be one of the most difficult things that human beings attempt. The common way we are raised in our society is that someone else (maybe one person, twenty people, or a million people) is going to tell you what is good for you. You may come to believe that you are not the best decider of what it is that you should be doing. Virtually everything is narrated by a list of societal expectations as to what deems you worthy, not only your choice of career focus, but also your hobbies, your interests, how you dress, how you look, how you move, or what religion you practice. Anything outside of that standard may be considered frivolous, unnecessary, or a waste of time.

When you turn your focus away from others’ opinions and turn your attention toward where you want to be, what you want to do, and how you want to live, then you move toward your soul’s purpose, abundance, and happiness.

~ As long as you stay connected to the twelve building blocks, you will thrive. You are going to align with 2020’s energy and realize that the infinite partner of the universe supports you even more than before.