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Jack Frost Nipping

In the season when Jack Frost may be nipping at your nose, we can get caught up in stress and chaos. Regardless of how much we try to stay connected to the meaning behind this season, pulls, demands, and expectations can be overwhelming. So let’s put a spin on the “nipping” of the season by using it as a reminder phrase to keep us focused on what brings us peace.


Break the word down into two components, nip and pin, and use them to guide you making awake choices. Whenever faced with an irritant or a tough decision, decide – do you want to “nip” it or “pin” it?

Nip it means just that. Cut it out. Stop it. End it in the early stages before it grows. Disallow it before it takes over.

Pin it, on the other hand, refers to that which you want to keep or display. Pin something to the navigation bar on your computer. Pin something to remember on the refrigerator. Pin a meaningful announcement on a bulletin board, or pin a literal pin to your clothing to show others what you value.

Each time you feel that gut pull about a person, place, thing, or idea – spend the time to nip it or pin it. When you feel pushed back by something, or it creates angst or unrest, let it go. Place it in your mind’s trash bin, then empty the bin. When you feel drawn to something, and it feels good, then pin it. Make it a part of saved storage. Make it important.

In order to make this process even more effective, bring your body into the process. For a few days, carry a mini notepad with you. Jot down whatever creates an emotional response in you, each on an individual note sheet. At the end of the day, take all the little slips of paper out and sort them into two piles: NIP IT or PIN IT. Then layer each pile with the appropriate slips of paper. Throw away or burn the NIP ITs, and actually PIN up the pins by placing them somewhere visible. The task of using your body in the activity will help to retrain your focus to keeping that which supports your happiness and discarding that which pulls you down.

If you practice this technique, you will feel increasingly lighter and less stressed.

Cheers to flying free!


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