The Lie I Told That Saved My Life

Updated: Feb 4

Growing up was wrought with some intense challenges. Like nearly everyone who gets tumbled around a lot in childhood, I became chaotic, but I didn’t realize it. Yet when someone would innocently ask, “How are you?,” I’d invariably answer, “I’m good!”

I was far from good. But I said it over and over and over again. For me, it was a statement of optimism. It was where I believed I was headed even though I had no plan for getting there. Whereas others in pain might say, “I’m good,” to the detriment of letting in help or love, I wasn’t ready for help or love.

So, “I’m good,” gave me hope.

Looking back, I really believed that I would be happy one day even though I had no evidence to support it. I didn’t think happiness was something available to others but not me. I didn’t think I was unworthy of it. I really thought I’d get there. That belief became the magnet that invited the path for awakening into my life. It’s easy to look back and understand the myriad miracles that occurred, but I actually created the miracles with that underlying belief.

That lie probably saved my life. It definitely saved my emotional life, but perhaps even my physical life.

I’m not suggesting that you tell others “I’m good,” if you sense there’s some person or idea that can actually be of value to you. But I am suggesting that you look at deeply at the beliefs you hold regarding any area of your life that’s depleted. Simply by making an opening for the possibility of improvement, and accepting that you have the birthright to every possible type of abundance there is, you will also magnetize in the path to get there.

Don’t fight the sources of guidance that you sense are really able to help. Don’t question those coincidences that clearly put you on a better path. Just invite them in and enjoy them! Invite them in and enjoy them.

Remember, every person on this planet deserves happiness. You don’t have to go it alone. There are people, events, books, ideas, and helpers everywhere. If you let yourself believe in your right to happiness, they will come your way.

I’m rooting for you ❤