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Ready to be unstuck?

During my events and seminars, we have looked at clearing things out and letting things go. While reviewing that which no longer serves us, we have peeked into cleaning out closets and drawers and houses and cars, as well as clearing out activities and even people who are no longer serving our best life. The physical effort involved in getting rid of things not only makes room for newness to come in, but also compels us to take inventory of our lives. Each time we sort through our holdings, we are choosing whether something is a priority or a burden.

Taking inventory is not a one-time task however. Limitless growth is available to us and by looking around at what is dragging us down, consuming our time, energy, and money for no reward, reminds the universe that we know we are evolutionary. We are declaring to ourselves and others that we are not stagnant, that we intend to continue to prepare our canvas of life for an ever-changing work of art that is the expression of us as we evolve.

As you have also discovered through my workshops and books, awakening is not a smooth walk up a ramp. The process of enlightenment is jagged. There are moments of sustained growth, slip backs, surges, plummets, plateaus plus every variation of all those things. But let’s focus on the plateaus today. What happens when you feel stuck? What happens when you can’t connect to the feeling that something is turning around and getting better? What happens when you have the leaden feet and flat energy that inertia brings?


During your stuck times, you still have the capability of cleaning out a drawer or closet. You still have the ability to say “no” to an activity with people who leave you feeling depleted. You can still sort through your 1980s Spandex and admit that they are never coming back in style and give them away. You can get rid of that ugly painting that you’ve been holding onto because “it’s worth something.” [So sell it!]

The process of unloading tells the universe you’re ready. It gets you geared up to receive. It releases you from an entanglement of over-ownership. It frees you and can get you excited about what’s next. It’s doing your part in meeting the world half-way. It’s moving energy and getting you unstuck.


As you let go, celebrate inside. Feel the release. Take a mental picture of how good this unencumbered feeling looks. Enjoy it. Eat it up.

Then grow.

As the purging does its thing – freeing you – set your intention, deliberately and excitedly, to experience your next moment of growth. You don’t have to know exactly where it’s taking you, just know that it is taking you somewhere improved. And then allow yourself to be washed over with possibility.

Ready to be unstuck? Then purge and grow. Purge and grow. Purge and grow. It can be that simple.

If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session. An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.

“I feel so strongly about the things you talk about. I always hear exactly what I need to...I sit there so often in awe saying to myself,  "Holy shit, I cannot believe she just brought that up and elaborated on that! I really needed to hear that right now!" 

So, thank you for being you...a phenomenal speaker and human, wrapped in humbleness and kindness...the real deal!” - J.W., Merrick

[My next event in the series, Making Discoveries – Incorporating the Phases of Enlightenment, we will discuss Getting Fired Up. Join me.]

Ready for a real change? Try I guarantee you will be happier after completing the program and exercises in this course.


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