Life is But a Dream

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Comprehension is one of the greatest tools for us on our pathway to happiness. Much of what I bring through from guides is related to the Exploration of the Soul with the goal to help us understand the context of how our souls develops during this physical manifestation. What does it mean to be a soul housed by a body? Why do we take bodies? What are we doing here? What’s the point, and how can I get the most out of it? When your comprehension about what it means to be human expands, it makes your day-to-day experiences easier and better.

The basic truth is that the here and now (this physical manifestation of your soul in a human experience) is an illusion. It really does not exist in the way that we think it exists. It is a dream, a wonderful dream. It parallels the experience of waking up from a nighttime dream that feels so real, you have to think if it was true or not. You quickly remember your “real life” and may view the dream as being inconsequential to the reality of your day-to-day life.

When we return home (leave our bodies), we have a similar perspective. We know that the physical life we just experienced was similar to a dream. However, the feeling is not quite as fleeting as when you wake up from a nocturnal dream, nor is it inconsequential. When you wake up from this dream, you have full and incredible comprehension that the experience does effect the essence of your being, and it’s powerful, far-reaching, and consequential. You know not to minimize this dream; every minute of this dream is significant and relevant. However, when you return home, when you drop the banana peel of the body on the earth floor, you remember that this is, quite actually, a dream.

We project our consciousness into material manifestation. We are taking our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, and we are pushing them into this dream that appears to us to be completely physical. The reason that we project our consciousness into physical reality is to experience back the echo of our projection. When our brain picks up the echo of our projection, we interpret it in order to understand the power of the energy we are putting out there. We learn and grow by witnessing the consequence of our energy and thoughts. We get to see how powerful we are by witnessing the changes in our reality when we change our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, and/or our actions.

You can see this process demonstrated in young children. It’s as if they are playing an endless game of “What If?” What will happen if I cry this way? What happens if I cry a different way? What if I throw this block? What happens if I stick this toy in the socket? What happens if I won’t eat something? What happens if I open this drawer? What happens if I take my mitten off outside? On some level, children understand the role of this dream. They play “what if”