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Life is But a Dream

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

Comprehension is one of the greatest tools for us on our pathway to happiness. Much of what I bring through from guides is related to the Exploration of the Soul with the goal to help us understand the context of how our souls develops during this physical manifestation. What does it mean to be a soul housed by a body? Why do we take bodies? What are we doing here? What’s the point, and how can I get the most out of it? When your comprehension about what it means to be human expands, it makes your day-to-day experiences easier and better.

The basic truth is that the here and now (this physical manifestation of your soul in a human experience) is an illusion. It really does not exist in the way that we think it exists. It is a dream, a wonderful dream. It parallels the experience of waking up from a nighttime dream that feels so real, you have to think if it was true or not. You quickly remember your “real life” and may view the dream as being inconsequential to the reality of your day-to-day life.

When we return home (leave our bodies), we have a similar perspective. We know that the physical life we just experienced was similar to a dream. However, the feeling is not quite as fleeting as when you wake up from a nocturnal dream, nor is it inconsequential. When you wake up from this dream, you have full and incredible comprehension that the experience does effect the essence of your being, and it’s powerful, far-reaching, and consequential. You know not to minimize this dream; every minute of this dream is significant and relevant. However, when you return home, when you drop the banana peel of the body on the earth floor, you remember that this is, quite actually, a dream.

We project our consciousness into material manifestation. We are taking our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs, and we are pushing them into this dream that appears to us to be completely physical. The reason that we project our consciousness into physical reality is to experience back the echo of our projection. When our brain picks up the echo of our projection, we interpret it in order to understand the power of the energy we are putting out there. We learn and grow by witnessing the consequence of our energy and thoughts. We get to see how powerful we are by witnessing the changes in our reality when we change our thoughts, our beliefs, our feelings, and/or our actions.

You can see this process demonstrated in young children. It’s as if they are playing an endless game of “What If?” What will happen if I cry this way? What happens if I cry a different way? What if I throw this block? What happens if I stick this toy in the socket? What happens if I won’t eat something? What happens if I open this drawer? What happens if I take my mitten off outside? On some level, children understand the role of this dream. They play “what if” all day, every day, until they accumulate enough data from the echo of their game to influence their choice about whether or not to do something again. As the consequence is revealed, they decide whether to evoke a negative or a positive consequence in the future. As an example, if Jason is largely ignored, he may add loud behaviors to his repertoire. He may do things that he’s been told not to do. This projection in the what-if game is designed to provoke a reaction from those around him. He will then “decide” whether that behavior got him noticed or not, if the notice was negative (i.e. punishment / anger), and if being noticed was beneficial enough of a consequence to endure the negative outcome.

A we progress in our physical life, every choice we make is a “what if;” we are projecting nonstop, big things and little, and we are waiting to see how it unfolds. The “what ifs” can be empowering, or they can be disempowering, yet they are always “what ifs.”

Our entire physical life is a highly complex, and mostly unconscious, extension of this what-if game. Projecting consciousness, and then receiving and interpreting the echo back, allows our soul to grow. In the microscopic setting of space and time, we get to experience, and preferably to analyze, the power of our thoughts, our focus, and our energy. In the energy realm, we do not experience time or place thus the effect of our energy is instantaneous. On earth, in a physical universe, time and space let us examine our power in rich and vivid detail. The knowledge we gain from every detail becomes a part of our eternal soul, and upon death, we completely recall this progression, and enjoy processing and integrating all the elements of this “dream.”

Within this earthly dream, it’s important to recognize that these projections occur individually as well as collectively. Although we each have an individual experience, the collective casts an overriding context for which the individuals experience the reflection of their projection. Think of this process as the world gives us a canvas to paint on, and depending on where and when we land (at birth) along with other factors, we paint our lives on that canvas. If, for example, we’re born in a loving, relatively fearless time period and region, the collective canvas on which we paint will be beauteous and alluring. Imagine this canvas is filled with light and vibrancy, and your individual paintbrush strokes add to the rich effervescence of the backdrop. If, contrarily, you are born in a period entrenched in hatred, fear, despondency and such, the backdrop will metaphorically be dingy, murky, unappealing and dense. Imagine how much more difficult it would be for an individual to paint that canvas with light and buoyancy?

The collective is as important as the individual projection, and the individual projection is as important as the collective. The reason for this truth is that we are all connected. When one soul soars, the result expands others’ ability to soar. As one soul sours, the result can expand other’s ability to sour.

At this present moment in history, fear is the number one enemy of harmony for one and for all. This fear continues to rise as our focus on risk assessment reaches a fevered pace. The energies that we assign to what we are putting out there have a major effect on the echo we receive back, therefore, our perception of risk is one of those factors that greatly affects the outcome of everything we do. Can you wrap your head around all the day-to-day happenings that we are taught to fear – swimming (algae, sharks, riptides, …), what’s in our drinking water (contaminants, fluoride, mercury, E.coli, PBA, …,) what’s not in our water (alkalinity, oxygen, minerals, …,) snow, rain / flooding / storms, what we eat, what we don’t eat, driving, playing on a playground, bone density, microbes, disease, terrorism, scams, violence, cancer, immigrants, ticks, identity theft, etc. We live in a world which alarmingly encourages fear and sickness. The by-product of fear is disharmony – monetary, health, and relationship disharmony.

In this world, the perception of risk determines so much of what we do and do not do. It takes time to blast through this bombardment of litigiousness, risk assessment, and fear promotion, but it is up to you to opt out. Since you are still painting on the collective canvas, the power you hold is what you paint. If you match bleak with bleak, guess what your painting will be? Yes … bleak. Opt out of those perceptions, with persistence and with dedication. Since life is but a dream, you control what this dream looks like. Keep turning over sentences where you think there is risk, and say the opposite. Keep telling yourself and the universe about your fearlessness and your courageous accomplishments. Put your focus on realizing the power you have to paint this canvas. As your canvas brightens, others will brighten, too. Love breeds love. Fear breeds fear.

In addition to turning over those fearsome messages you hear, also work on developing your love of self. The intentional act of living awake inevitably leads to enlightenment. And enlightenment largely inoculates the individual against the harmful consequence of the collective negative projections.


If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session. An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.

“I feel so strongly about the things you talk about. I always hear exactly what I need to...I sit there so often in awe saying to myself,  "Holy shit, I cannot believe she just brought that up and elaborated on that! I really needed to hear that right now!" 
So, thank you for being you...a phenomenal speaker and human, wrapped in humbleness and kindness...the real deal!” - J.W., Merrick

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