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It's Revolting!

Updated: Nov 3, 2018

Are you tired of the status quo? Do you get angry when you witness gun violence, anxiety-ridden youth, the opioid crisis, young suicides, etc.? It’s tempting to become livid and to stay livid when you watch people suffer or you watch communities implode. Witnessing chaos in the world around us, or among people we love, can lead us to feel disempowered, helpless, and even hopeless.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all revolt against whoever’s responsible for all these horrors? Gain order and well-being in our society by removing the dregs of our institutions and all those who disempower us?

It’s not that easy. Anger has a pronounced vibration that leaves its trail on all that it encounters. Energy never dies; it is palpable and real, long after its source has drifted. Does this sound like the energy you want to tap into to create the change that you crave?

A better solution answer is to tap into the powerful energy of love by focusing on evolving rather revolting. The path of least resistance is to get worked up by things that feel like they’re out of our control, so it takes discipline to capture your thoughts and feelings, and guide them toward a more empowering energy.

Understanding the following steps can help you destruct the non-productive habit of anger as your response to society’s challenges and replace it with far more beneficial practices.

Find the benefits in what you witness:

Start by declassifying tragedy as being devoid of any benefit; every challenge enfolds the possibility of benefits emerging. Perhaps the challenges can result in igniting different perspectives. Perhaps people may not have been focusing on what they value and the crisis allows them to take stock of their priorities.

If you feel it, others will, too:

If you are feeling angry, others will feel it, too. What your body and your thoughts emit can be sensed. Practice using that energy to envision a positive outcome, to see circumstances improve. Feel the result you want. Exude that feeling.

Bump into, then out of blame:

Yes, there may be sources that add to the challenges we see and it’s wise to acknowledge the causes to empower new thoughts about how to implement change. Use the disharmony as fuel for creative thinking. Staying in the blame state leads to anger or wastes energy that could be put to better use.

Talk about possibility:

Don’t leave someone (or yourself) feeling depleted and powerless by simply complaining or venting your anger. If you feel compelled to talk about what’s “wrong,” give solutions about how to make it “right.” Restoring a sense of community, oneness, and optimism takes people willing to suggest and show possible ways of improving what is. The suggestions don’t have to be enormous either; they can be small shifts in perspective, attitude, or actions.

Stop promoting fear:

I just can’t say it often enough. Stop promoting fear in others whether it’s about crime, disease, germs, injury, politicians, money, etc. Like anger, fear is the absence of love, and when we encourage others to be afraid, we are encouraging them to live with less love.

You may think that the link is that if “something bad happens,” it creates fear; however the reverse is true; fear causes “things to be afraid of” to happen. Chaos, therefore, is a projection of collective fear, as well as the projection of our personal triggers. This projection allows us to see that which is otherwise hidden. By being revealed, we can change our perception. We can change our story. We can change our expectations.

Instead of promoting fear, suggest to others to seek the good, the well, the happy, and the positive.

Model the world in which you want to live:

Be a vibrant font of health, playfulness, optimism, possibility, love, and limitlessness. Play more. Create more. Laugh more. Dance more. Sing more. Smile more. Tell more jokes. Be more lighthearted. Compliment more. Hug more. Let your shine show.

As an individual, understanding that we project our separation from eternal wisdom will allow us to reinterpret our circumstances, rise above them and, ultimately, stop projecting our fears and anger into reality. When everybody understands that our consciousness is projecting reality, we will encourage people to live in love. With more of us on this page, we shift the balance of energy and increasingly reflect outside of us that which is more joyful.

Revolting is revolting whereas evolving is evolutionary. Join the EVOLUTION!



If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session. An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.

Karen, you are like a lighthouse standing tall amongst your surroundings and casting a brilliant beacon of white light onto our world. I am grateful that your beam casts its way to me. Thank you for who you are and what you do.- Ric Statler, Huntington, NY

My next event in the series, Making Discoveries – Incorporating the Phases of Enlightenment, will discuss why it’s so hard TO BE that which we know we can. How do we get knowledge from our intellect into our being?

Ready for a real change? Try I guarantee you will be happier after completing the program and exercises in this course.


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