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Intolerance bothering you more & more each day?

Accounts of near-death experiences help to shed light on the truth about our physical reality and about our eternal nature. Many people who have had near-death experiences hesitate to share their stories because they are embarrassed, they don’t want anyone thinking they are crazy, or they don’t know how to interpret it. But those who do share help us to remember what’s possible, help us to remember, on some unconscious or conscious level, what we experience when we are not in human form. In enlightening reports, we hear accounts about being in the existence of unconditional love and the tremendous bliss that accompanies it.

The eternal experience of being in a state of love is eternally natural. It takes adjustment to land in the physical body among conditions that are, quite frankly, not usually vibrating in that state of limitlessness. The separation from love while we’re human can be painful and even intolerable. Just ask the souls of Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams, Amy Winehouse, Kate Spade, and so on. Assimilating into how we have collectively set up the human construct is difficult, at least on some level, for any person.

Yet, it’s worth it. As we evolve, we “recall” the natural state of love. We yearn to create that here, thus realizing the dominant purpose of taking a physical life – to find the power to individually and collectively recreate pure love (and all the magic that ensues) while in human form. That achievement represents the ultimate ascension for individuals and will eventually conclude the ascension of all humanity.

When your level of awareness grows, you will increasingly feel uncomfortable in a room full of people who are gossiping. You will increasingly feel uncomfortable when people are unkind to each other. Abuse or neglect will make your stomach turn. You will recoil from others’ rage. Witnessing ridicule, taunting, and public humiliation will make your skin crawl. Bullying will make you angry. Intolerance will bother you more and more every day.

You will feel better surrounding yourself with loving people and circumstances. Doing so supports your well-being, supports your ability to be happy, supports your freedom, supports your joy. We are NOT here to suffer or to promote suffering. We are here to live in joy. We are here to create that which we are capable of creating in the energy realm. We are here to create that here and now, in the collective and individually.

This knowledge doesn’t necessarily help you to move past the immediate sense of pain as you witness others’ chaos and disharmony. There are plenty of times where the knowledge in your head, which is infinitely beautiful and wise, isn’t helping you with the day-to-day experience. What the knowingness can do, however, is keep you in a place of hope. Hope allows you to focus on possibility rather than desolation.

Hope can also lead to the desire to help other people understand that what they are focusing on contributes to the projection of their reality. You find yourself wanting to help them to create a life of harmony, abundance, happiness, with lives that they love. Helping others is not a responsibility; it’s a privilege that will naturally emerge as you evolve.

The next actionable step for you to take in order to fulfill this compelling urge to guide others is to stop being afraid. Of course, we can’t let go of all fears overnight, but we can strive to release fears little by little by replacing those thoughts and habits with life-building thoughts and habits. Focus on creativity, kindness, happy people and happy stories, uplifting images and music, and so on. Be mindful that you always choose your focus, whether positive or negative, and focusing negatively is simply a really bad habit.

When you recall the awesomeness of our eternal existence, it increases the possibility of you consciously and unconsciously accepting the guidance and support that your guides provide. Doing something that’s not supporting your soul’s intention can create a feeling of loneliness, whereas doing something that takes courage and ignites you feels whole. This feeling brings a sense that you’re not alone, as though there’s a universal cheering section encouraging you. Your guides become increasingly visible, visceral, real, and tangible. You increasingly have experiences, “visits”, dreams, signs, synchronicities, or some new kind of knowingness that the universe and your guides are supporting you. These experiences duplicate the more instantaneous knowingness that a near-death experience can help us recall, and once you know it, you can’t un-know it.

Separating from fear, increasing your recall of our eternal reality, remembering that you are never alone, and accepting the support of your guides and the universe creates the opening for the harmonization of your live, as well as the platform for assisting others with theirs.

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Excellent insight. Happy I don’t have to go through this life not knowing I’m alone, thank you for pointing that out and opening the door for so many.

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