How Do Guides Help Me Help Clients?

Although quantum physics has proven that time as we know it does not exist, it’s often a difficult concept to apply to day-to-day life. Guides have always shown me a visual that helps to explain time in earthly terms. Time is like the rays that come off the sun, and in any given second you are walking on a one ray of time, which is your present trajectory. (In actuality, since all happenings occur simultaneously, the trajectory is a projection of simultaneous moments merely appearing sequential through the lens of physical existence). As you are moving on this particular ray of time, based upon what you habitually THINK, FEEL, BELIEVE, and the SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS that you take, your guides can predict what is going to happen down the road. They can foretell your level of happiness as you progress on this path.

Many times, when I am working with a client, I am shown a degree of unhappiness farther along that person’s ray of time ☹. What the guides then communicate with me is, “Well, let's see if we can shift to a ray of time in which we see happiness ☺ farther along that ray.” Then they make suggestions. And more suggestions. And more suggestions. The suggestions may sound like a simple friendly conversation peppered with wisdom, but it’s more than that. It’s guidance. (That’s why I call them “guides.”) They’re allowing you to understand that you have the power in this moment to improve your future

Think about this, when you're here, at the center of the moment of now, making a shift in your trajectory is just a matter of moving a millimeter. Then after you leave this moment, as you progress on your ray of time, the divide becomes greater and, ultimately, massive. That’s why shifting something that you THINK, FEEL, or BELIEVE, or your SUBSEQUENT ACTIONS today has a pronounced effect on your entire life.

Sometimes I’m very emphatic during a session. The reason is that I am understanding the profundity of your potentially positive life shift with a tiny move today. I can't shake you, but I feel like, “C’mon, listen, if you just change this one little thing, one little thing you are THINKING, one little thing you are FEELING, one little thing you are BELIEVING, then EVERYTHING changes.”

When you postpone those tiny changes, you move farther away from the simplicity of the shift. Look at the diagram below. It illustrates how a shift now [A] requires a small change but as you move farther and farther along the present trajectory, the gap between where you are and where you want to be widens [B, C, D]. Waiting requires more effort, more resources, more resolve, more energy, and more time. And the “distance” traveled along the less happy trajectory also brings more pain than an earlier shift to a new ray would have brought.

And when I said “everything” changes, I meant EVERYTHING. Whatever area of focus you improve today will produce increasing improvements in the future, provided you stay committed to the improvement. Nothing is off-limits. A minor, committed shift can have profound results in your wealth, your career, your home environment, your health, your fitness, your friendships, your self-love, or your romantic life. You even have the power to increase your lifespan by shifting something today.

Do yourself a favor and move from a gray, dull ray to a vibrant, bright ray by listening to your guides, your inner wisdom, your higher self, or the universe. These soulful sources want you to thrive and will always be there to nudge you and then help you along the shifts.