Happiness, like any skill, can be learned. We are actually “rediscovering” what’s already inside. You can be happy. You can wake up happy; you can go to bed happy. It can become a way of life that you don’t even need to pursue anymore.

I look at life through the never-ending lens of “how can I help others awaken?” How can I help them make the shift from unhappy to happy? The reason I’m so motivated is that I recognize that no one is born unhappy. It’s a consequence of childhood because few people are raised within an environment that respects the uniqueness and lovability of who they are. The result is that we all disconnect, to some level or another, from our awesome, vibrant, eternal soul.

If happiness is your goal then it may be helpful to recall what happiness is and what it is not. The lists below give examples of each. It’s helpful to go beyond merely reading the details by spending time contemplating the line items on these lists.

This chart can act as a powerful daily reminder about what to focus on and what to move away from in order for happiness to increasingly emerge. When you focus on the thoughts from the left-hand column, you push inner happiness further away. When you steady your focus on the right-hand column, happiness within emerges on a more regular basis. Reconnecting fully with the happiness within you is a choice.

The chart’s examples become more valuable when you use it with the intention of truly becoming happier. Let go of whatever awful parts of life are no longer serving any purpose. Feel free to add your own line items. You can even print and cut out the chart to keep it handy.

I believe in you!

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