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Can You Think of a Better Time?

Updated: Mar 6, 2019

I’ve been doing my thing for a decade now – trying to bring this world to a better and better place. And often throughout sessions, writing articles and books, and giving summits and lectures, I’m struck by the inadequacy of the English language to name spiritual concepts. I usually form these run-on sentences to describe a profound knowingness or circumstance, yet if there are so many profound happenings that we can all relate to, why don’t we have the language to talk about them?

As I’ve contemplated this lack, I realize that the answer lies in the fact that we talk more about stuff and people and complaints and lack and money and chores and sports and weather than we do about deep philosophical, spiritual, meaning-of life topics. Yet what are we here for? We’re here to explore these deep meaning-of-life topics.

To illustrate, let’s look at the word “intuitive.” When I stumbled upon my ability to know things beyond earthly means, I thought about calling myself a psychic or a medium. Or even a psychic-medium. The words seemed narrow, inadequate, and to some, off-putting, but the more I sought a way to express that which I do, the less I could find the language to describe it. I have gravitated toward calling myself “a conduit to universal wisdom.” That seems to cover it since intuition is simply tapping into a river of collective knowledge, yet why isn’t there a word that succinctly, beautifully, and powerfully describes this feat? It’s the thing we all long for – knowingness beyond earthly pain or strife, a collective understanding that all things matter, and that we are bound by love.

I filled in the gaps by making up words. I have a running “vocabulary list” which I add to whenever I find a hole in our language (or when I’m unaware that a great word exists!). Perhaps, the word that I use most often is KA-NO. KA-NO is basically formed by enunciating “know” with a hard “k” sound to distinguish it from the run-of-the-mill word “know.” To me, it means inner knowledge unlocked. It means intuition. It means recalling something profound that resonates. It means becoming aware of something through a sense beyond the five physical senses. Once you ka-no something, you can’t un-ka-no it. It’s a conscious part of your being for the rest of your life.

Another concept that’s not simple to put into words is the idea that now is the “right” time. Even the word “right” miscommunicates the concept. I’ve had a growing sense of positive energy forming, building, and peaking since 2012, with increasing rapidity and urgency since 2016. The crescendo that we’re reaching will crown in 2020, ultimately liberating thousands and millions from the shackles of ignorance. But how to express the magnificence and importance of what we will experience when I can’t even find a word that says, “NOW, don’t postpone your ka-no-ingness. Ka-no what you ka-no NOW!”

Things took a surprising turn for the better recently when a couple of clients introduced me to two words that had eluded me until now, gnosis and kairos. I celebrate that these words exist; now if could just get everyone to understand them. The first, gnosis, means esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth, or basically, ka-nowingness. From my research, it seems the ancient Greek valued spiritual wisdom enough to create a simple one-word explanation for unlocking inner or eternal knowledge. The second word, kairos, also thank you to ancient Greece, means a propitious moment for decision or action. Yes, I had to look up “propitious” [favorable, auspicious, promising, advantageous, optimistic, bright, rosy, heaven-sent, hopeful, opportune, timely] to make sure I understood it, and even that word is worth celebrating.

Now, armed with my new expressive tools, I will attempt to explain what’s going on in the universe: kairos has arrived for us to integrate gnosis. Huh? It’s all Greek to me.

As I continue to bungle my way through using too many words to explain the most epiphanic occurrence humans may experience in modern history, I’ll probably keep making up words as I go along. But through it all, my desire is that you, and everyone I reach, will tap into the power of this historic period by being all that you can be and by assisting others in getting there, too. The time is now.



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"kairos has arrived for us to integrate gnosis. Huh? It’s all Greek to me." LOL ...definitely made me laugh with that one! Our language is being reinvented everyday, so I say go for it and KA-NO definitely makes more sense than whatever those greeks were talking about : )


I may not know every BIG word you use, AND what I do know is ... THE WORLD IS READY FOR YOU, Karen Garvey! I KA-NO this...We all KA-NO this...The time is NOW. I have made so many discoveries with your wisdom. I am grateful you are a huge part of my life. XO

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