Oh, How I Suffer

Updated: Jan 12

[REMINDER from the previous two posts: There are four unique vehicles for discovery on earth that cannot be explored in other realms. I can assist you in remembering many things that you forgot due to earth amnesia by explaining these miraculous tools for discovery. During the next month’s essays, I will address each vehicle with tips about how to make each a beneficial opportunity rather than a force of resistance. This essay is the 4th in the series.]

The third vehicle for discovery that allows for the soul’s growth on earth (the first being time and the second being place/space) is negativity. You mean, we signed up for this?!?! It’s hard to recall that we are so thoroughly excited and altruistic in our intention to achieve our quest on earth, that we leap believing that we can overcome this enormous learning tool.

And we can. The key to success is remembering what we knew before we were born.

Our experience in the energy realm is one of bliss. We are free from negative thoughts, feelings, ideas, and happenings. We are knowingly living in the vibration of love because we are love. Earth amnesia makes us forget this truth, and the more we separate from the recollection, the more we experience pain, limits, fear, hate, doubt, and suffering while being human.

It’s not really our fault. After birth, we are indoctrinated into the collective conversation about a limited or hard human existence. This conversation has been going on for millennia as we fell into the trap of believing that we are separate, limited, flawed, incomplete, and unworthy. The idea of separateness, or every man for himself, allowed us to believe that life happens randomly and the cards that we are dealt are based on luck. Some are lucky and some are not. These thoughts may coincide with individuals believing that they have certain attributes that contribute to their “good” luck, such as intelligence, skill, or even good genes, but for everyone that thinks he or she has a random reason to experience a better than average quality of life, there are others who think the cards they have been dealt are randomly “bad,” thus the reason for a poor-quality life.

Although pockets of societies here and there have understood that nothing is random, it’s only in very recent years that the recall of an individual’s power to create their reality regardless of circumstances is becoming more widely embraced. Even with that powerful knowledge, the results are not as revolutionary as they could be because humans are habitual. It’s hard to break habits of thought, behavior, belief, or feelings. So, although one can feel empowered by the idea of self-determination, it’s difficult to consistently execute that power.

The primary obstacle is the existence of negativity on earth. When we feel angry, sad, disempowered, afraid, or limited, it’s natural to fall back into the collective conversation about life being hard. People battle the supposed hardness of life by bracing themselves for “inevitable” illness or poverty or loneliness or lack. This approach actually invites in strife instead of joy since the energy that individuals are emitting is charged with negativity, thus magnetizing negative results.

There is an upside to having access to negativity, however! Whatever range of emotions we typically live within becomes ordinary even if that range is very low. We become accustomed to feeling bad. A drop in that feeling, therefore, can jolt us out of complacency and broaden our range of thought or willingness. Since we become accustomed to living in a state of pain, an increase in pain is designed to shake up the foundation on which we have built our unhappiness. It is at this moment that we may become receptive to a new perception or behavior. We may understand in a new way something based on universal wisdom that we had heard again and again. We may observe others clawing their way out of our state of pain and decide that we, too, can rise.

The more likely result is that we double down in our pitiful version of our own reality. The universe will then almost magically create another opportunity for us to stumble deeper into pain with the intent of jolting us back to what we knew before we were born.

While inhabiting bodies, we are given endless opportunities to remember, and to choose, joy. However, since the collective conversation still supports the idea that all growth is preceded by pain, we will actively seek and encourage pain to reach that opportunity for growth. Even though we can simply choose joy, we habitually allow discomfort or suffering to spark a shift.

Think about the level to which pain is encouraged. Pharmaceutical ads give us the impression that we are innately unwell. Some religions teach us that we are sinners and unworthy unless we follow a prescribed set of rules. The media bombards us with negative news and perspectives, so much so that the phrase, “if it bleeds, it leads,” has become well known. Oftentimes, the only opportunity to feel loved comes when one is hurt, sick, or in a crisis. We rally around those suffering, yet, how regularly do we show that level of support or love when everything is okay? Whole groups and families unknowingly play a down-and-out game. The person with the worst circumstances gets the most attention. If you are unconsciously seeking to rebuild the foundation of love that was your birthright, then doesn’t it make sense that you will need to suffer to feel visible, lovable, or worthy?

Remembering that negativity is a tool for discovery available only in the earth realm helps us to reject our alignment with it as a fuel. Try to look at the world for the next few days through the lens of noting how negativity is propagated. Are there a lot of people who embrace positivity and say encouraging things when someone is struggling? Sure. But notice how the prevalent collective conversation implies that we are not innately safe, healthy, wise, or destined for abundance. When you dispassionately observe this widespread tendency, you take the first step toward freeing yourself from the hold that negativity has over you.

In next month’s essay, the focus will turn to mastering the rise above the negative. Give yourself this time to digest and comprehend how the world around you has been constructed.


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