What are we doing here?

Before you were born, while you were still experiencing your soul’s natural altruistic, joyful, limitless, blissful state, you made a very well contemplated decision to leap into this body. Not only did you believe you could achieve your soul’s intention, but you also believed that you could make this place better. When we land here, however, we experience earth amnesia, an inability to readily recall all of our eternal memories. This amnesia sets us up for the long journey back to remembering.

There are four unique vehicles for discovery on earth that cannot be explored in other realms. These tools are a major reason we leapt in the first place! They can be frustrating, mystical, alluring, demanding, archaic, incomprehensible, dogged, liberating, and off-putting, but they work. They get us engaged in the process of growth, so much so that even our unwillingness to engage creates growth.

Over the next months, we’re going to explore these vehicles, what they are, why they work, and how to use them to your advantage. The insights you receive will lift the heavy barrier of resistance that you may have forged against these tools, allowing you to make them your ally once and for all. We’ll uncover the magnificence of each vehicle for discovery as well as address tips about how to make each a beneficial opportunity rather than a force of resistance.

The first of the four vehicles for discovery in the physical realm is TIME. Since its value as a tool for discovery is so vast, the topic will be covered in two essays, this one and next month’s.

As quantum physics has wonderfully proven, time as we know it does not exist. However, since it seems to exist in the physical realm, it must be purposeful. Think about the earth realm as a laboratory for discovery where microscopic shifts can occur. In the energy realm, advances can be broader, perhaps less detailed. When a soul wants to integrate a discovery, it benefits the soul to have an opportunity to study and examine it closely, in detail. Time provides this opportunity. Waiting provides this opportunity. Remembering provides this opportunity. Anticipation provides this opportunity.

Most humans live as though time is their endless enemy. They resist their age. They covet days gone by. They live with regret for past actions or inactions. They think happiness is a year away, or when vacation arrives, or when they have a baby, or when they retire, or when this report is completed. Let’s look at some tips on how to turn that tendency around to make time your ally:

Accept your Eternal Nature

This physical journey is just one slice in your perpetual being. This piece is one stroke on the canvas of your soul’s existence. It is one beau