Moving Toward Peace

Most people would agree that they prefer to live in peace than in chaos, but we develop habits in our thinking and actions that become normal, therefore easy to perpetuate. One of the surest methods to achieve increasing peace is let go of old ideas, people, circumstances, possessions, and focuses that are no longer harmonious and/or mutually beneficial. The theme of “making room for the good to come in” is one that the universe seems to steadily remind us. We have dreams and goals. Our imagination is at play carefully constructing possibilities. For those envisioned potentials to materialize, it’s important to make a happy home for them.

So whether or not this material is fresh, or simply a review for you, here are suggestions about how to make that happy home for what you want:

Step One – Take Inventory

The first step in releasing encumbrances is to consciously inventory your life by asking yourself how circumstances that you engage in, and people you interact with, make you feel.

How does this job make me feel? How does my partner make me feel? How does this meal make me feel? How does my clutter make me feel? How does this program make me feel? How does watching the news make me feel? Answering these questions honestly will illuminate areas of your life that are not harmonious.

Step Two – Find Out Why

Determine why you are keeping or have kept this element in your life. Do you feel worthy enough to have the happiness that will result in getting rid of it? Do you feel guilty because you were taught that certain people must stay in your life, or that you are responsible for their happiness? Do you believe that you must be responsible by keeping a job even if you hate it? Were you told that watching the nightly news was essential to keep informed?

Step Three – Create a Plan

What steps can you take to re- harmonize your circumstances or your relationship? Brainstorm ideas. Can you discuss issues with your spouse? Perhaps you can speak up to your boss? Maybe you can listen to your intuition regarding healthy eating to let go of unwanted pounds?

Step Four – Record Steps

Write down a detailed list of steps that you can take to implement your inspired ideas. As often as possible, write down deadlines for the achievement of these steps.

Step Five – Take the Steps

As you implement your plan, keep your deadlines.

Step Six – Get Support

Do not spend time convincing naysayers of the merits of your path. Many people will try to shoot down your beliefs. They, perhaps, are jealous or simply living life small instead of large. Just because they draw boundaries around their happiness, doesn’t mean that you have to imitate. Be bold. You are here to live fully.

While removing non-supporters, actively elicit a support buddy (or buddies). Find someone with whom you can share goals and encourage one another. Never underestimate the power of having your own personal cheerleader. Share your progress, fears, and successes with those who support and encourage you.

Step Seven – Reward Yourself

Create ways to cheer yourself on during hard times. The simplest way to help yourself adhere to the tasks when you feel boredom or impatience set in is to create a reward system. A reward system for yourself can be quite simple. For example, after consistently meeting your goals for a predetermined time, take time to go see a movie. Get a massage. Go to the beach. Read a book. Buy yourself a latte. Only you know the things that will bring you pleasure.

I know you can do it. The universe knows you can do it. And, somewhere deep inside of you, you know you can do it, too!

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