The Law of Attraction vs. Intuition

With trying to understand The Law of Attraction all the rage these days, I wonder if we sometimes predict a negative outcome based on our intuition or if we have created the negative event because of our thoughts. Intuition verses the law of attraction. When do you stop thinking that the law of attraction has brought an undesirable experience into your life and realize that the fact that you thought about it at all was simply intuition?

There are so many levels to the operation of the law of attraction, that oversimplifying them is a great starting point, but if you want to harness the law's powers, you start to question deeper aspects of "creating your reality with your thoughts."

Let me clarify this issue for you from a perspective of universal truth. First of all, if you begin to think of the law of attraction as mirroring your beliefs, it helps to take that negative spin off the less desirable results in your life. Be certain that you are doing the best you can within your level of awareness and if the results around you are manifesting less pleasantly than you want, you are not to blame for the results. The results simply indicate to you that you have a latent belief somewhere that may be worth examining. For example, if you go outside with wet hair during the winter and attract in a cold shortly thereafter, it's likely that on some level you believe having wet hair outdoors in the winter will cause you to catch a cold.

Now suppose you go for a motorcycle ride. Just before beginning your journey, the idea pops into your head that you're going to wipe out and, in fact, you do spin out later on. Did you create the spin out with your thoughts? Or did you intuit that the spin out was going to occur on this particular day? Interesting dilemma, isn't it?

There are two ways to review this or to react in the future. Using this example, do you habitually fear bike accidents? Do you think that it's inevitable that if you ride long enough you'll eventually have one? Do you think you're a safe smart driver and impervious to harm? Do you think other drivers on the road are a bunch of idiots and they're likely to drive irresponsibly around you, thus potentially causing you harm?

It's your answers to these questions that will likely lead you to your personal truth about what you really believe about the safety of riding.

Now let's look at this scenario from a different perspective. When you get a "warning" thought that you'll have an accident, don't dismiss it. Take the car instead. Then next time you want to ride, see if such a thought pops into your head again. If it does, then fear is your operative and perhaps this fear can attract in an unpleasant experience. Work on the fear - try to eliminate it. If you can't seem to change your beliefs about the risk involved enjoying the use of your motorcycle, then sell it. Confidence, not cockiness, in any journey in life provides a far safer and happier road.

In the future, when fearful thoughts pop into your head about negative experiences occurring, examine the fear - this is the surest way to ensure that it does not have a happy home to grow in. Is the fear founded? Is it unwarranted? Is it reflective of a highly cautious nature? Are you generally content and believing that the world is a safe and happy place? By examining what causes you fear, you can often change your belief about it being something worth fearing. The law of attraction cannot distinguish among the specific objects of your beliefs. If you feel good about the world you live in, you will likely attract in a lot of great experiences that validate your belief.

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