What my mind tells me

As I continue through the process of removing masks and layers, I gravitate toward wanting to comprehend the process of enlightenment through science. While I enjoy validation through philosophy, theorists, spiritual leaders, and even, to some extent, religion, comprehension of our physical journey through scientific explanation excites me the most.

This fascination for me can pose challenges if I RELY on science to make sense of our existence. As I see it, science is as humanly directed as religion often is, thus fallible simply because of the misbeliefs of the humans forming the theories, experiments, results, and conclusions. Neither science nor any one religion can fully explain the collective or individual journeys we experience.

So how do we get answers? As I often indicate, the path is through intuition. Intuition, as a broad concept, describes a knowingness that did not arise through earthly means. Knowingness that is rooted in eternal wisdom resonates, thus accessing our intuitive selves to unlock the comprehension. Understanding that intuition is a more reliable resource for truth than the intellect, I use my inner knowingness when interacting with people, ideas, or circumstances. Oftentimes, portions of a book or conversation resonates for me, but other portions seem to veer off the path of eternal wisdom. I can accept the resonate portion without rejecting the source.

Because of my interest in the scientific explanations for what I do, I frequently magnetize in supportive data that reinforces what I have "recalled from within." Lately, much of this information is coming through bold stories of scientists or intellectually-based professionals sharing profound experiences in which their left brains had been compromised and, accessing only the right brain, they discovered their inner knowingness. The profundity of their happenings allowed them to "throw away" their lifetime beliefs in favor of the vivid joy and comprehension of our existence that was unlocked through the quieting of the logical portion of the brain.

What I have recognized for a long time is now being proven through science. The thinking, planning, calculating, logical part of us is NOT the avenue to access eternal knowledge or day-to-day intuitive experiences. As we continue our physical journey, therefore, it makes sense to find our personal methods for accessing the right brain without the judgmental left brain overseeing every sensation. While we are continually seeking comprehension and seeking joy, intuition and a quiet mind will get us there.

To give yourself a boost in unlocking your eternal self, there are certain steps that you can incorporate into your daily life.

  1. Suspend doubt in general. Your logical mind wants you to be “normal” and society’s normal has forgotten our eternal journey. To defy what is expected by the majority takes courage, but suspending doubt about the brilliance you can access from the non-physical will enhance your ability to experience it.

  2. Suspend personal doubt. EVERYONE is intuitive. I do not have a “gift” that was bestowed upon me. I have a skill that I developed because I was passionate enough to develop it.

  3. Set the intention to further understand, sense, and interpret your own intuition.

  4. Find ways to stimulate the right brain on a regular basis. You can do so through art, music, photography, literature, writing, acting, painting, creating, finding solutions, imagining, building, envisioning, etc.

  5. Find ways to quiet the mind on a regular basis. Try yoga, meditation, exercise, being in nature, taking a bath, completing a repetitive “mindless” task, listening to music, hypnosis, creating, being, allowing, etc.

I know we are heading in the direction where society will shift its attitude about life beyond the physical and our on-going interaction with all that exists. You can be ahead of the crowd by getting there before the rest arrive.

Shine on!

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