Positively No Negativity

Last month, we ended the Summer’s Reality essay by stating there’s no such thing as positive or negative as you may understand it. The truth is there is simply more or less of something, or the absence of a thing altogether.

Does this make sense to you? Let us begin by telling you that there is no such thing as hate. Hate is simply the absence of love. There is no such thing as dark. Dark is simply the absence of light.

When you existed in the energy realm (before you began this physical earth life), there were likely times when you enjoyed experiencing total blackness. You probably submersed yourself in complete darkness to give yourself an opportunity to intensify the experience of one or more of your other senses. When you were suppressing your visual sense, do you think you viewed the darkness as negative? Think about it. Or perhaps the intensifying sensations from your other modalities allowed you to feel blissful about the lack of light. Perhaps you appreciated that the absence of light permitted you to practice attuning to other sensations.

Viewing reality in terms of more or less of a quality, or the absence of a quality, helps you to recognize that you choose your reactions and thoughts about every experience, encounter, and situation.

If you read THE ANSWERS to your questions about life, then you are aware that in the energy realm, we access only happy, blissful, joyous qualities and emotions. The aspects of one’s journey that humans perceive as negative are opportunities on earth to recognize the absence of a quality. One of the most powerful ways to understand something is to discover how you feel when it is gone.

Think about life, yours and others’ lives as well. Every time you complain or feel unhappy, you are experiencing the absence of some person, quality, feeling, or circumstance that you prefer. For example, if working long hours is stressful, the negative quality of feeling stress is actually a response to a lack of freedom or leisure. The way leisure makes you feel is missing. It is the absence of that quality to which you are reacting.

All experiences that seem negative to you are simply less of something that seems positive to you. Let’s clarify further by listing some of the attributes of every soul’s experiences in the energy realm:










Universal Truth







When you are not happy on earth, you are experiencing a lack of something that makes you happy. If you are feeling miserably sick, your experience is really feeling less healthful. If you are struggling with money issues, you are experiencing a disconnect from the feeling of abundance that you happily enjoy here and perhaps have enjoyed on earth.

This understanding of all things “negative” being an absence or decrease in something “positive” helps you for many reasons. For one, you create your reality through your thoughts and beliefs. If you focus on your lack of having something you want, you will attract in more of what you don’t want. If you change the perspective and focus on the attribute that you want to increase, you will attract in that attribute instead. For example, if you feel unhealthy, focus on harmonious health and feel good about the possibility of it bringing itself to you.

Additionally, focusing on what you want to increase helps remove the judgment and disharmonious feelings that you associate with the lack. The messages you give yourself affect your mood and reactions. For example, if you are hungry, you may feel less anxious if you tell yourself you look forward to feeling full, rather than tell yourself you are starving. The intensity of your hunger will decrease.

How you feel affects your reality. If you are uncomfortable, fearful, angry, or experiencing some other non-harmonious emotion, then your experience for the duration will be less harmonious. To illustrate, if you are lost and find yourself in a neighborhood that makes you uncomfortable, an increase in your fearfulness or panic will emit energy that makes the experience even less comfortable and may draw more discomfort to you. But if you glance around and compare the community to what you love about yours, you can start to feel an increase in your emotions. You can begin to identify that the people in the area are doing the best that they can within their level of awareness and many are likely living very happy lives within a different definition of what a happy community means. You can choose to live happily within the experience.

Life on earth is all about choice. Whether in the energy realm or on earth, we each choose our definitions for our experiences. Here, however, we choose for our definitions to bring us joy just as the absence of light allowed us to feel great benefit.

Choose positively.

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