Is this book a good one for me to read? Is this my path to enlightenment?

"It seems to me, you live your life like a candle in the wind. Never knowing who to cling to when the rain comes in..."

-Candle in the Wind, 1973

Sources for universal truth proliferate on earth today. It seems that each month, or week, or day, a new book or theorist or philosophy takes off in the mass market, providing a wonderful opportunity for people to increase their level of awareness.

With the volume of information out there, how do you decide what has value? How do you determine which pieces of information are, in fact, based upon universal truth rather than falsehoods? How do you know for sure if this one book or seminar is beneficial for you personally?

Once again, and I know you've heard this from Karen's guides before, use your intuition as your guide. Exactly how does one use intuition in this case? Don't hesitate to engage in a book, teleseminar, workshop, or audio program if you feel drawn to it; you needn't count on your intuition as being so reliable that you can predetermine the value of the content of everything that interests you. Instead, participate with an open mind and sense how the information is making you feel. If you feel repelled [pushed away] or closed, it's likely that the information is not beneficial for you at the moment, and perhaps never will be. If, on the other hand, the message gets you excited and very interested, you feel drawn in, then you have likely hit upon something truthful and beneficial.

Use your other powers of sensing value. Do the prescribed exercises or tasks seem tedious