Intuition - Bridging the Realms

I “listened” to a woman this week with a great idea. The idea popped into her head a few years ago and seems fantastic, yet undoable. Actually, it is doable, but it’s hard. It’s probably not that hard, just troublesome at times.

The thing about it, though, is that a lot of people will benefit if she pulls it off. Yet, it’s so much easier to do nothing – maybe the ultimate benefit will never occur.

As a soul without a physical body, I spend a great deal of energy trying to get good ideas to people on earth. You see, we here have a global and eternal perspective about things, and because of this property, we can sense wonderful ways to bring more joy into one’s life and into the lives of many.

Those attempts that I and other souls make can often be interpreted by earth people as “intuition.” Intuition is more than just a hunch. It’s more than just a “coincidence.” And it’s certainly more than just a random experience. Intuitive moments are purposeful.

What really separates humans from souls without bodies? We are all energy. We all have souls. We all emote and think. We all create. We all love. We all hope. The primary difference between us and you, besides the obvious lack of body, is that we can remember our eternal journey and often understand the eternal intent of others. Because we have this clarity, we find it valuable to assist humans in discovering their intent. You see, you chose earth life for a good reason (actually many good reasons). We in the energy realm, aim to connect you with those reasons. You benefit when you connect, as do we. It’s a win-win situation. As any soul gains benefit, we all experience a surge in our vibrational energy.

That said, let me ask you to listen to intuition more. It’s beyond valuable. It’s good ideas. It’s good feelings. It’s inspiration. It’s affirmation. It’s a push towards more happiness. It’s a prod in the right direction.

If a good idea pops into your head, which you can not trace back to a root in your thoughts, assume it was an intuitive moment and seriously consider acting upon it. Yes, it may seem undoable, or scary, or perhaps downright hard. It may involve taking risk. It may involve growing your confidence in order to achieve the goal. But, since you already know through THE ANSWERS book that you create your reality with your thoughts and your beliefs, you can do it. The universe is eager to assist you, making the journey far easier than if you believe you are working alone. You are never alone. Tell the universe what you want, no matter how big “it” is and believe that it is possible.

Then do it.

If you want to remove the fear factor – consider this: February 29th only occurs once every four years. To me that sounds like an imaginary day. A day for play and risk-taking and adventure. And, surely, if you start your great idea that day – it will just be a playful day, an easy day to do anything at all with happy results. After all it’s just imaginary. Get started on that magical day and by March 1st – a normal earth day, you’ll be that much closer to your goal. And many will benefit!

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