Happy Holidays - Yes!

For many reasons, the magic of the season may elude us. Perhaps we feel nostalgic for times when loved ones who have passed were with us, or we struggle with time or financial constraints.

What can you do to attain that quiet satisfying feeling of contentment this season? My guides have some suggestions about how to enjoy this season despite less than exuberant feelings.

Missing a loved one

One way to manage feelings of loss is to remember that we are eternal. It helps to know that our passed loved ones are with us during this time and every time. They are happy and they want us to be happy, too. Living a physical life on earth has many purposes and one of our primary goals is to experience the bliss that we know when we're not here. Our loved ones understand this bliss and experience great surges in their own happiness when yours increase.

Love never dies. Whether we are living on this plane or in the energy realm, love lives on. We can still feel and grow the love between us and those who have separated.

Wishing you could do more for others

Often we hear about others in strife during the holiday season. You wonder how you can help, and eagerly donate your time or money to assist. Does it feel like enough? Do you feel pangs of guilt for the riches in your own life when you recognize others' challenges?

There are a few things that may help. First, remember that everyone is

doing the best they can at their present level of awareness. This means that if their present journey doesn't seem to you like a happy or prosperous one, perhaps this moment is the right one for them. We can't judge others' paths; we can only provide assistance when it's asked for. People who are ready for the love and guidance that others may provide will ask. They can ask in many ways through their words or actions, directly or indirectly.

The second thing to remember is that others do not experience an increase in their level of happiness if yours decreases. If you feel unhappy because of others' challenges, your unhappy energy does not lift their moods. As a matter of fact, it may have the opposite effect. When the vibrational level of one person increases, it can increase the vibrational level of another's. A happy person is contagious for a reason - it feels good to be around this energy. As it feels good being near them, the mood elevates for all.

This philosophy is true even when you are not physically with others. The energy of your thoughts carries far. When you recognize that being joyful affects others near and far in a positive way, you can give yourself permission to be happy despite the fact that challenges exist all around. And with this same joyful attitude, give what you choose of yourself or your resources, allowing the giving, combined with this joyful energy, to have a greater impact than giving alone.

And, naturally, remember this holiday season, that there is abundance for all - an abundance of love, prosperity, and harmony. Share your love, guidance, good will, talents, gratitude, resources, and happiness with others and let the circle of prosperity continue to grow in the New Year.


Time or financial stresses are common during the holidays. The underlying causes for your challenge exist throughout the year, but come to the forefront in this season. For now, appreciate that you are doing that best that you can and set your goal for the New Year to discover ways to align with the Law of Attraction to achieve new levels in financial and time freedom in 2008. There is a wealth of material out there now to support you in your journey.

Again, know that there is abundance for all - an abundance of love, prosperity, and harmony. As you begin to focus on attaining these riches, you will pull towards you people and resources that allow you to discover yours!

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