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The Law of Attraction

The concept of the law of attraction is drawing much attention these days. From our perspective, souls without physical bodies living in the energy realm, we recognize that the comprehension of this principle can be furthered by understanding the existence of other principles that exist in the human experience.

The law of attraction is not the only magnet or energy at play in earth life. There are many other vehicles for the process of life that assist people in their ability to gain the experiences and awareness that they set out to gain when choosing a physical life. The dominant force in action in your life is your individual quest. Your quest is perhaps best described as a “goal list’ that you created before you leaped to earth university. This list is highly individual, contains big and little “goals,” and acts as an invisible compass during life’s journey. The more awareness an individual gains on earth about the purpose for physical life, the more their individual compass becomes visible.

The best way to recognize snippets of your quest is to review your passion. The things, people, circumstances, places, and pursuits which bring you the greatest passion reveal clues as to why you chose earth life.

The law of attraction is another “force” which acts within your realm. Its primary benefit is to allow you to comprehend the power of your belief system and the power of your soul’s ability to manifest change. Of course, change may be interpreted as good or bad, but all change has opportunities for benefit. You may not understand the benefit, but it exists. Having faith that all change provides some positive opportunities is more important than necessarily understanding what the positive aspects may be.

Other examples of energies at play in earth life will be discussed in upcoming newsletters, but for now it is important to understand the power of your quest, for sometimes its power overrides the seeming omnipotent strength of the law of attraction. Why is this distinction significant? Frequently, individual or group tragedies cannot be explained through the currently defined parameters of the law of attraction. The force in action is the individual and often, the group quests, which were set in motion a long time earlier. It may take days, years, or even decades for humans to gain a perspective on the incident and begin to comprehend the quests in action. Remember, that while each earth life is very significant and meaningful, in the scheme of eternal existence, it is relatively short. For this reason, a person may unconsciously “choose” to have their physical life have far greater impact than the limit one physical existence may have otherwise had.


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