I created the group Spiritual Billionaires in 2018 after I noticed how draining it was for my clients to spend all their time with those who live in ego, greed, jealousy, anger, or fear.   They reached a level of awakening that would be enriched by spending time with people who are soulful and that’s what we do!   

Instead of tearing others apart, we build them up. Instead of complaining, we assist. Instead of gossiping, we walk in nature. We love to create, to love, to build, to assist, to grow, to explore, and to adventure, and we love sharing these pursuits in the fulfillment of life with like-minded people 

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Karen Garvey Destination Workshop:

Spiritual Billionaires
Reanimation Weekend

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April 22-24 - Atlantic Highlands, NJ

We’ve all experienced some hibernation and confusion over the past two years, but that doesn’t mean that our souls’ intention has taken any time off. Regardless of the status of the globe today or any point in the future, we can reanimate our own lives to reach our dreams, reach each other, and reach new levels of wisdom.

Karen Garvey

Please join me at a private estate for in a once-in-a-lifetime event that is guaranteed to make you rethink today and tomorrow in the most positive and expanding ways. Sharing the bond of soulfulness with others allows us to each explore more individual and collective possibilities than we can do alone.

2022 is the year of reflection.

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Are you ready for your life to reflect back how enjoyably and abundantly you want to live?

Let’s make it a reality!

Choose what level is best for you at this time...

All people are welcome and money should not be a barrier. Choose from three contribution levels based on your comfort. BEACON contributors are those who are giving the gift of sharing the experience with those who may not otherwise be able to join and will be invited to attend an additional group reading on Friday evening before the weekend opening.
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Click on a Blue Box to make your selection.  Discounted prices in effect until Friday, April 1, 2022



Weekend Welcome will kick-off at 7:00pm* on Friday, 4/22 with light refreshments.  Saturday’s agenda will be held from 11 am until 8 pm with breaks for lunch and dinner on your own or with others.  The weekend will culminate with a Treasure Hunt & Hike on Sunday, followed by bagel brunch (9 am-12:30 pm).

All registrants will receive detailed agenda, address, and other information about reservation.

*Beacon Contributors private group reading begins at 5:30 pm.




Guest-rooms have been reserved at The Molly Pitcher Inn, 6 miles from the venue with special pricing. 

Reservations are under the name "Snyder."Details will be forthcoming upon registration. Workshop Discount cutoff date is March 30th!



50% cancelation by March 22, 2022 (11:59 pm ET).

No refunds after 3/22/22.  You are welcome to gift your entrance to a soulful friend.



If you have any questions, or prefer to handle your reservations over the phone, please contact Striker Corbin at 631-265-2982 or Striker@KarenGarvey.com.


Additional details will follow periodically.  We are excited that you are joining this extraordinary experience!

I’d love to have you join us.

With love,

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Karen Garvey

Intuitive, Speaker, Author, Coach

After obtaining her MBA, Karen acquired extensive business experience. On 9/11, she "received" simultaneous information about what was occurring, her first experience learning something not through earthly means. Over time, she discovered how to intentionally attune to this connection.  Presently, through this conduit to universal knowledge. Karen has appeared on dozens of radio programs and in other media outlets such as The Dr. Oz Show, PBS, Redbook, Hamptons Magazine, NJ Savvy, LI Press, Creations Magazine, and Spa Magazine. In addition, she has authored 5 books including BEGIN HERE and MONEY WISDOM.