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FREE Downloadable ebook:

The Answers to Your Questions About Life

Our gift to you is this full-version (240 pp) of Karen Garvey's groundbreaking book:

THE ANSWERS to Your Questions About Life

The Book that Will Change Your Life


  • why you are here

  • how to be happy

  • how to get what you want

  • what happens when we die

  • how to improve wealth, health, relationships, and abundance

  • to obtain the life you desire


How to Download your FREE eBook


1.  Choose one of the following links*

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PDF Format - The Answers

2.  On the Checkout page enter the Coupon Code: THEANSWERS13 & then click "Apply."

3.  Your cost for the eBook will now appear as $0.00 (FREE!)

4.  Scroll down and "Submit Order".


If you need assistance with this process, simply call 631-265-2982 and we'll be happy to help you.


After completing the CHECKOUT, The Answers to Your Questions About Life will be automatically sent directly to you. 


*epub format is ideal for eReaders or on your computer using the Free Adobe Digital Editions software.  The PDF Format opens easily and is best for Desktop Computers.


"Karen is a respected intuitive, writer, lecturer, and educator who is tireless in the pursuit of “answers” to her own life questions, and the questions of others. Karen has developed her unique intuitive skills and has taken those skills to the level of an art form. 


These skills combined with a deep desire to help others have given her a unique opportunity to guide people in “straightening out their heads”, synchronizing  their brain with their body and spirit, and seeing themselves and universal truths with amazing clarity. Karen is an absolute inspiration to those who know her, and to work with her opens you to life-changing powers within, you never knew existed. She empowers people, helps them restore positivity and love in their lives, and coaches them in the pursuit of their dreams. Karen adds tangible reality to the works, “The Secret”, “The Magic of Thinking Big”, and “Ask and It Is Given”.


As a cardiologist and practitioner of traditional cardiovascular medicine, I have been impressed with the techniques Karen teaches to help patients understand the relation of the mind-body connection to acute and chronic illness. 


Karen Garvey is truly an inspiration to all who meet her. She is a positive being whose intuitive abilities are uncanny. She lights up a room with her energy and presence. 


The world needs to hear about Karen Garvey and experience  what she can create. Please help us all make that happen"

Dr. J. Strobeck., MD, PHd,


by Karen L. Garvey

Get your copy of Karen's life changing material.  Hard copy & eReader versions available.


Telephone / In-person

Have your own intuitive coaching session with Karen. Choose telephone or in person on Long Island or Manhattan.


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