Choose Your Favorite!

Artists were invited to create and submit an original design centered around the theme of LOVE for use in promoting the positive themes connected with The Year Before Us 2019. 

Please help us in choosing which you would like to see used to market THE YEAR BEFORE US during December 2018 through February 2019 across platforms, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and day-of giveaways.  Winner will also receive two tickets to attend THE YEAR BEFORE US on January 26, 2019 in Smithtown, NY.




Embracing Creation


Life is what you make it

Original photograph by the artist


Connect -

This art is a map - a neighborhood block where RED stands for connection. Colored edges symbolize roads. As we travel through life, if we are willing to journey down roads of courage (YELLOW), creativity and interaction with others (ORANGE),
we can connect to many avenues of love (GREEN).

Those who summon up the most courage, creativity and connection to others, have the largest maps and the greatest understanding that love and connection exist everywhere,
and if you’re not experiencing it - it’s just a “block” away.


20 x 30 inch watercolor art piece

You Can

A 20x20 canvas

Meant to Be

A 9x12 painting on water-colour paper, with acrylic paints.

artist: Bill Hytner

artist: Michael Zinn


artist: Bill Hytner

artist: Dora Rodriguez


artist: Monica Fichtner


artist: Elise Drake



Original photograph by the artist

Life is Beautiful



The light of love is inside each person, but sometimes we hide it out of fear. Occasionally we need an eclipse – the reverse of light to show us our Selves ! 

Our bodies and minds respond to color and patterns. BLACK and WHITE are the sum of all colors and are not different. All spiritual masters teach differences are actually illusions, as we are all one, and the only thing that really exists is Love. 

Love is the most powerful pattern in the universe, it is nonlinear and unlimited.


Nature = Love

GREEN is the predominant color in nature and the color of the heart/love in the chakra system. Just as squares rely on equal sides for stability, nature and love rely on these four elements; 

BROWN = Earth & Acceptance. To ground is to accept.
ORANGE = Creativity. Creativity is uniqueness and interconnectedness.
Nature and love survive and thrive by incorporating these opposing forces.  One = Won
BLUE = Air & Communication. Necessary for all of life.
YELLOW = Light and Courage. The light of the sun and the courage of love spread growth and joy.
Your nature is your heart – reveal and share it – it's your unique contribution to life !



Turn the letters to create the energy that you want to share (wave, straight, angled).


Evolve with Love

Canvas Painting

Make your choice!

artist: Michael Zinn


artist: Diane Vecchio

artist: Mark Sutton

artist: Monica Fichtner


artist: Monica Fichtner