11 Tips for Enhancing Your Dream Discovery

Your dream world is a limitless pathway into wisdom, insights, solutions, and eternal information. The nice thing about using your dreams to get messages or guidance is that you (your earthly self) do not get in the way. Since you’re asleep, your human masks and layers are asleep, too, therefore, your soul is free to wander and explore.

The following suggestions can help you make the most of your dream life:

1. Believe in the possibility of becoming active partners with your dream reality as a source of guidance, answers, growth, joy, and limitless knowledge. The infinite resources available to you during this physical journey often go untapped primarily because of the misbeliefs that surround us about what is possible. These misbeliefs can result in our minds filtering out abilities, or reinterpreting awesome experiences because they are deemed irrational or unproven. One reliable way in which you quiet the earth misbeliefs on a daily basis is through dreaming. Your mind rests allowing your soul to soar.

2. Enhance your dream recall by following these steps:

  • Intend to recall your dreams.

  • Make a pre- sleep suggestion that you will remember your dreams and the messages that they are communicating.

3. Once you understand the value of your dream world, you can choose the path of tapping into the power by logging your dreams daily. Keep a notebook/pen on your nightstand in order to record what you remember as fast as possible. When you awaken for the day, try not to remember yourself and your life immediately. First, record what you can remember about your dreams. As soon as you remember what day of the week it is, your schedule for the day, or any other earthly concerns, there is a good chance your dreams recall will rapidly fade.

Regardless of how powerful a dream may be, you may forget most of the content if it is not recorded. Further, many messages are not received in completion during one dream, but may be received in fragments over many dreams. The dream log also gives you the opportunity to see themes emerge over time, profound insights into your life, your choices, your possibilities.

4. Practice not being attached to an outcome. Understanding that dreams are just one conduit towards connecting with the universe, your guides, and your higher self allows you to pursue the messages in dreams with more ease. Wanting results too badly provides an energy of resistance that may make your dreams more elusive.

5. Only you know the “answers.” Dream interpretation books can provide a tremendous benefit, but do not guarantee accuracy as to interpreting the symbols you “select” in your dream world. Feel free to use guide books with the intention of allowing your intuition to find details that resonate with personal accuracy and to reject those which do not.

6. Make your own rules. The soul is boundless; however, the human mind may impose bounds. Remember that even the most well-intentioned information available may suppose limits. There are no limits as to the power your soul has to explore, unfold, discover, and excite. Your dream world can help you free yourself from the earthly blocks of logic and reason.

7. What you focus on will expand. The dream log serves the purpose of not only maintaining a record but, more importantly, it sends a message to your guides that you intend to connect with your dreams as an avenue to discovery. That message alone often enhances one’s ability to recall and interpret dreams.

8. Choose when you are ready to begin directing your dreams. You can direct your dreams by giving pre-sleep suggestions about topics you wish to explore or answers which you would like to receive. Practice with a variety of suggestions to establish which are effective for you.

9. Be curious. Dream analysis and cataloguing are intended to be fun and happy. Follow your curiosity as far as it takes you. Dreams are only one method to enjoying the exploration of the soul’s path. If you are not enjoying the process or the results, let your curiosity take you to another avenue for connecting with the universe.

10. Practice “opening” different levels of consciousness. Lucid dreams, out of body adventures, in addition to directed daydreams can be used as tools to enable your dream state to be more pronounced, easier to remember, and simpler to lead.

11. Go explore! You have dreams – conscious and unconscious – and both are great resources to direct your path. You have a lot of adventures awaiting discovery.

Happy wandering!