SURRENDER. It sounds easy. Just let go. Disney created an amazing song, “Let It Go.” Let It Go. We sing it, we dance it, we understand it, we share it. In our heads, we get it – to feel peace or to move on, you have to surrender. You should let it go. You must release it.

Interestingly, however, merely saying “have to,” “must,” or “should,” is the opposite of surrender; it’s the exact opposite. As long as you are thinking, “have to,” “should,” or “must,” you are expressing that you have a need, you have a resistance. Need is resistance. In actuality, you can set your destination to achieve surrender, but you can’t have to have it, you can’t need it, you can’t should have it. We are so conditioned to believe that we have to be in control of everything, that even when we are trying to let go, we are controlling our letting go. Surrender cannot be achieved through control or through resistance.

I’ve visited thousands of past lives of clients as well as had intimate insights into tens of thousands of people’s journeys in this lifetime, and I’ve discovered a pattern. It appears that we are each presented, over and over and over again, with the opportunity to experience the miracle of true surrender. We have lifetimes after lifetimes when the potential benefit of surrender shows up on our doorstep, but we can’t figure out how to get the damn door open. We have a lifetime, we don’t surrender; we have a lifetime, we don’t surrender. It’s obviously common for surrender to elude us, but like any step in the process of enlightenment, everything changes for the better once we integrate the knowingness

Surrender is understanding that there is another source of power beyond just your own self or other people. There is an energy that is so profoundly brilliant in its ability to be available to you in infinite number of ways. Being human can be a very lonely experience no matter how many people we surround ourselves with. If we think we’re going to be fulfilled to the depths of our soul through our human contacts, we are probably wrong, because we all have baggage. Those human encumbrances make it very difficult for our full shine to show through to ourselves or others – so how can we expect to be completely soulfully satisfying to anyone? We simply can’t be everything to any one person, and no one person can be everything to us. Even with multiply human sources, the ultimate soul-to-soul connections may still be inhibited as each person lives within their own limitations. Although we may be able to experience some level of soulful fulfillment from lots of different people, if you want to discover that satisfaction beyond any limitation, just recognize that a non-physical source of pure love is there for you from the moment of birth till the moment of death. That endless source of energy (consciousness, universe, guides, whatever you want to think of it as) is always there for you.

When you recognize that this power exists, and that this energy is infused in every single thing we do and experience, then you can tap into this source. This partner is there to help you. Hand off your problems. Hand off your challenges. Let go of the fight. Release the resistance. Let another share the load. You do your half, show up and hand it over. Let that energy do the other half, the half it can’t do unless you hand it off.

It’s not enough to say the words, “I’m giving this to you.” Those words are a start, but to truly surrender, the energy behind the words is essential. There’s a feeling that accompanies the actual hand-off and your aim is to experience that feeling. It feels like relief. It feels like the fight is over. It feels like you are not alone. It feels like a great big sigh! Handing it off with your words only doesn’t work, but if you really allow this infinitely wise and ceaseless partner to help, you will feel the feeling. At that moment, this miraculous partner shows up with full strength to assist you. There is a very big difference between succumbing and surrendering. Succumbing is giving up. Succumbing is being powerless. Surrendering is allowing that beautiful, wonderful, wise, and infinite energy to support you. You are not giving up, and you are not saying it’s over out of dread, or self-pity, or “it’s too much already.” It’s releasing it; it’s having the ability to recognize without a doubt, or maybe a little bit of doubt, that there is this energy to support you, and when you open up that energy, you will witness it in your life.

Your role is to get yourself out of the equation, leave it, get out of there, surrender. It’s not your problem anymore. Can you imagine that feeling of release? It’s not your problem anymore. Help is here. When you hand it off and you leave it, this partner will show itself in a beautiful, supportive way, every single time.

[My second event in the series, Making Discoveries – Incorporating the Phases of Enlightenment, will address the topics in this essay in more depth. Tune in on July 11, 2018 (in-person or online) to make leaps in your ability to tap into this energy that’s always with you.]


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