Baby Love

[REMINDER from the previous posts: There are four unique vehicles for discovery on earth that cannot be explored in other realms. I can assist you in remembering many things that you forgot due to “earth amnesia” by explaining these miraculous tools for discovery. During this series of essays, I will address each vehicle with tips about how to make each a beneficial opportunity rather than a force of resistance. This essay is the 7th and final in the series.]

In the last six essays, we examined the vehicles for discovery on earth. Each vehicle that’s available here provides the framework in which our souls can grow. This month we will continue our discussion of the fourth major vehicle - the process of maturation. We looked at this process in connection with the growth and development of plants and animals and, in this essay, we will contemplate the effects that the maturation process of humans has on the soul’s development.

The ego, that which causes one to see primarily through one’s own experience rather

than relaxing into a universal perspective, limits our joy. In the evolution of the soul, the human ego incentivizes us to release the barrier of the ego, and expand into recalling our infinitely beautiful oneness with the universe.

Whatever pain and struggles we carry into adulthood will affect our ability to project our pure soul’s intention into our reality. The more we have “suffered” at the hands of neglect, abuse, and misinformation, the more likely we are to cast a reality wrought with struggles. One way in which we are given the opportunity to expand beyond our baggage is by connecting with the process of growth and development of a new person. When a baby is born, myriad possibilities of expansion become available to those surrounding the baby. To cite a few:

  • We’re given an opportunity to revel in the miracle of a little being. We may feel joy, thus suspending pain, while contemplating this new life.

  • The innocence of a baby offers us a chance to regain hope about the possibility of life being fully happy.

  • When we raise or care for a child, the child’s well-being and needs can elicit pockets of courage, strength, resourcefulness, and power within us that we may not have previously been able to tap into for only our own benefit.

  • We have permission to play.

  • We get to feel smart, talented, or wise as a child is eager to learn from us. A child gives us a chance to feel good about ourselves.

  • A child can cause an adult to make better choices, break bad habits, set more goals, and achieve more success just by being dependent on him or her. The adult can feel more compelled to make good decision for themselves because the child needs him or her.

Basically, adults are given an amazing chance to rediscover the best in themselves, and the best in life, as their hope for the happiness of a child takes root. That doesn’t mean that the chance will be taken. If the adult doesn’t experience this ignition of their own capabilities or life view, they are given a different opportunity to expand when they witness the consequence to the child by not having become the best version of themselves. So, the mere existence of a child who needs our care will offer possibilities for our growth, whether we rise to the occasion or not.

The process of maturation of children into adulthood provides infinite levels of growth opportunities for adults even beyond being caregivers or parents. We can work out our stuff throughout all of life when we consider how the world affects children, how politics affect the future, how our interaction with the planet creates long-term consequence. Children, therefore, give us the opportunity to think in terms of consequence beyond our finite lifespan. By thinking beyond our life term, we can actually attune to eternal wisdom, which sets the stage for our unbounded ability to become the best society that we can become by way of becoming the best individuals that we can become.

Any catalyst that causes us to think in terms beyond our life span opens a pathway into recalling the infinite wisdom we have contained within. We can then choose to honor and respect one another, the planet, ourselves, and the plant and animal communities. Tapping into universal wisdom is the single greatest path to harmony of one and all.

There’s a flip side to how the process of maturation can stimulate our soul’s growth, and that is by being the one who’s doing the growing. We are each born dependent. We have no power to feed, change, or clothe ourselves at birth. The ultimate surrender is being completely dependent, so we enter into this part of our soul’s journey in a state of surrender – a state we happily live in while not occupying bodies. As we mature, we discover how to influence others to get our needs and wants met, and we discover how to meet our own needs and wants. The complex process of maturing from dependency to interdependency to, hopefully, independency, creates a compelling lure for us to try out our powers, to see what we’re made of, and to define our own destiny. When we find ourselves off-course, the universe is compelling us to understand what caused the separation from our limitlessness. As we learn how others influenced our emotions, our confidence, and our determination, we are given a chance for the soul to grow by not living in blame or disempowerment, but to find our resiliency and courage to create a reality that is improbable based on our early circumstances. Not only will this achievement allow us to increase our vibrational energy, but it also models growth possibilities to others.

Growing up on earth is good for us and good for everyone around us. The only tricky part is to make it all work beautifully. As a person today who is interested in spiritual growth and expanding into your own happiness, you can further the achievement of that goal by positively effecting every child you meet. Just as you can likely remember every person who was consistently kind to you as a child, children that you are kind to will remember you. And you just helped them get closer to meeting their soul’s intention by meeting yours.

Happy growing!


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