4 Steps to Defeat Negativity - (Get off your “buts”)

REMINDER from the previous posts: There are four unique vehicles for discovery on earth that cannot be explored in other realms. I can assist you in remembering many things that you forgot due to earth amnesia by explaining these miraculous tools for discovery. During the next month’s essays, I will address each vehicle with tips about how to make each a beneficial opportunity rather than a force of resistance. This essay is the 5th in the series.]

When you were born, you knew you had the innate right to be happy, but since then, it has been taught or modeled to you that negativity is the primary way of the world. If you are sincerely interested in returning to a state of positivity, then here are some suggestions that work, and they work with as much success as the vigor you put into practicing them.

1. The body

Each body has a unique set of optimal patterns, foods, focuses, and exercise regimens, in addition to distinct likes and aversions. As much as you may educate yourself about nutrition, exercise, as well as medications and other substances, how your choices affect your body can only be determined by you. And whether you listen or not, your body is always attempting to direct you to a regimen that allows for your good health and vibrancy.

When you ignore patterns that are best for your body, you will likely feel more negative and make poorer life choices. The trap is that these choices can easily become habits that feel as though they are immutable truths. It takes less effort to eat poorly, exercise inadequately, and/or ingest substances that deplete your vitality, then it does to choose wisely for your unique body.

Once healthy habits are formed, a large measure of negative perceptions dissolve.