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Your Source of Authority

by Karen Garvey on 03/01/17

We each have within us the seed of truth that allows for self-governing.  When we allow that seed to sprout, we begin to sense an internal compass that is based on a system of honor.  There are no laws, rules, or governances that can override or replace this inner wisdom. 

This seed enfolds all that is necessary to create an abundant, happy life for ourselves and with others.  Nurturing the seed is quite simple.  It takes a few dedicated practices, as well as specific habits to avoid, in order for the seed to grow into its richest potentiality.  Below you will find a synopsis of those practices to embrace and to avoid.

Let’s look at the idea of self-governing.  Collectively, if we separate from our own power, we will pass our power onto others.  We can also fall into an unconscious habit of disempowering others as well, through manipulation, ignorance, or even through good intentions.

Think about the stages of growth of a child.  It’s natural for an infant to be spoon-fed and gradually mature into self-feeding.  The healthy maturation process is enhanced by the child’s natural desire to do for himself.  Even if a caregiver resists the natural development because he or she fears the child “growing up too fast” or likes the role of caregiving, the child’s instincts will likely reject dependency and strive for autonomy.

As the child grows, the link between autonomy and independence may grow more obscure if caregivers allow their emotional needs to override the child’s innate desire for self-sufficiency.  For example, parents may not let a child cross the street, ride a bicycle, go to a friend’s house, or play outside for fear of injury or otherwise.  A parent may continue to pick out the child’s clothes, do all homework with him, and pack his backpack for school long after the child has the capability of doing these things for himself.  Further, a caregiver may remove the child’s opinion from their decision-making process, thus severing the trust that the child innately had had in himself. 

The emotional needs of adults often sever the innate link that children have with their inner knowingness by doing too much for them and/or by heavily restricting their autonomy.  This same process often occurs at an organizational level (governmental and religious) as well.  Rulers or legislators who are elected or appointed to power who do not live in a state of self-love or within in a system of honor will create increasing numbers of rules and regulations to direct others’ choices and behaviors.  The underlying premise is that people are not innately wise enough to make decisions for themselves.  The result is a parasitic form of co-dependency that often becomes so behemoth that it cannot progress.  The dependency and need-for-power cycle may continue to the point that self-determination becomes extinct. 

Contrarily, what does life look like for a group of self-loving individuals living within a system of honor?  First, there is happiness, abundance, and freedom for all.    Self-loving communities who live in honor respect each other, respect the planet, respect ideas, respect the plant and animal communities, respect their bodies, and respect that everyone is doing the best within his or her level of awareness.  They honor the individuality of each person and encourage each other to ignite their greatest potentiality.  They do not need someone to tell them how to think, how to feel, what to believe, or how to act.  They do not steal from others through greed or otherwise, disempower people to fill holes in their own feeling of self-worth, nor do they dictate or legislate every last detail of others’ choices.  

Their answers come from the seed within each individual, a seed that was allowed to grow and to thrive into a powerful state of self-determination.  The inner compass is not based on manmade rules or imposed morality; the compass is based on eternal knowledge and love.   

If you would like to increase your ability to live an empowered, inspired, emboldened, energized, self-determining life, then review these practices.  Make a point of increasingly embracing those that grow the seed, and letting go of those which suffocate it. 

Here is a brief look at what does NOT allow for the healthy growth of the seedling:

Fear – when you live in fear, you pass your power onto another source instead of tapping into the power within you.

Judgment – judgment prevents growth.  Period.

Jealousy – a healthy dose of competitiveness, or even envy, can act as a fuel to ignite our talents.  Unchecked jealousy, however, is analogous to an invasive plant species that can choke everything around it, including itself. 

Greed – we are entitled to unlimited abundance and are not entering into the realm of “greed” until we have more than we can own, maintain, or attain with integrity.

Guilt – guilt is learned.  Unlearn it.  Guilt is the antithesis of inner wisdom.  In our attempt to gain approval or acceptance, or to avoid some imaginary punishment, guilt quiets our inner knowingness and replaces it with others’ views of what deems us worthy.  Guilt is like trying to grow a plant without a light source.

Shame – shame is perhaps the single greatest stifling emotion, preventing growth and joyful expansion.  The process of releasing judgment of others can eventually help us to release judgment of ourselves as well. 

All the above emotions/habits create a need to seek authority outside ourselves.  We lose the ability to unlock reason that aligns with honor. Here are some simple practices to grow the seed instead of stifle it:

Question everything – do not supplant your inner wisdom with the pleas or arguments of others, especially if another’s suggestions are based in fear, jealousy, and/or greed.

Listen to your intuition – the more you live in fear, the more your gut feelings and inner guidance will be quieted.  

Turn off the news – in today’s world, unless you live way way way off the grid, you will always know enough about the happenings in the world to be informed.  Saturating yourself in a daily onslaught of negative news reports is like drinking battery acid.  It will rot you from the inside out. 

Quiet your mind – get yourself out of the way on a regular basis through walks in nature, exercise, music, meditation, yoga, etc.  The quiet mind is the passageway to eternal truth and inner wisdom.

Love yourself more – self-love is the foundation for all happiness, success, fulfillment, and harmony.  If you haven’t read it lately, re-read BEGIN HERE.

Shine on!

If you would like guidance to help you discover your harmonious path, contact Karen for coaching or a one-on-one session.  An investment in your happiness today pays for itself through prosperity, love, and peacefulness.

Karen, you are like a lighthouse standing tall amongst your surroundings and casting a brilliant beacon of white light onto our world.  I am grateful that your beam casts its way to me.  Thank you for who you are and what you do.  - Ric Statler, Huntington, NY

Comments (8)

1. Bill Hytner said on 3/2/17 - 02:18PM
Excellently written! Particularly enjoyed the wisdom in paragraph six and the vision of paragraph seven. Those are messages that needs to be heard. Shine On !!!:)
2. Karen Garvey said on 3/3/17 - 09:36AM
Thank you, Bill, for your thoughtful comments! We're getting there :-)
3. Tony Catalano said on 3/4/17 - 05:28PM
Hi Karen! What if you watch the news purely for the entertainment factor?! You have to admit, it has been pretty comical lately. I guess the key is to absolutely NOT take it seriously AT ALL. I really haven't watched the news in years. But I find my self tuning in and flipping from the conservative station to the liberal station just to watch the extremely different opinions. And I also find myself watching Trump's news conferences, again, just for the entertainment It sure is a unique time in our history. And als VERY FUNNY!
4. Karen Garvey said on 3/5/17 - 09:30AM
I'm with you! I think it's healthy when you can watch that kind of TV with humor. I made sure that I used the word, "negative" in the essay partly for this reason. Crime and doom news, on the other hand - turn it off :-) You rock, Tony!
5. Tony Catalano said on 3/5/17 - 10:21AM
Yup! THAT news (crime, houses burning down etc.) will bring you down every time. If you have Optimum, as soon as you turn your TV on it goes right to News 12!!! You have to switch that off ASAP!! Keep doing what you're doing Karen!! It really works!!
6. Karen Garvey said on 3/5/17 - 11:24AM
Thank you, Tony!! :-)
7. david mandy said on 3/8/17 - 04:16PM
Thank you, Karen. Very helpful.
8. Karen Garvey said on 3/9/17 - 08:17AM
Thank you, David! Hope life is wonderful by you :D

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