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Why I Like Animals More Than People

by Karen Garvey on 05/05/17

I often say that the animal kingdom is a lot smarter than the human species.  We have a lot to learn.  Let’s take a peek.

Animals trust their instincts.  Call it inner guidance, innate intelligence, or intuition, animals don’t talk themselves out of pushes and pulls. 

They don’t get into an elevator with someone who gives them a psychopath vibe.

Animals don’t let guilt rule their lives. 

They peacefully co-exist among vast variety.

They’re adaptable.  Did you know that the arctic fox’s fur turns brown in the summer?

They are super eco-friendly.

When animals discover a problem, they immediately seek a solution.

They don’t gossip.

Animals don't waste.

They wake up happy.

Animals don’t think they look fat.  Did you know that a blue whale weighs approximately the same as 30 elephants?

Animals don’t dial down their potentiality by thinking that they’re not good enough.

Animals don’t worry.

Most animals don’t go gray as they age.

Animals teach and model, but they don’t make silly rules.

They don’t get all hung-up about sexual orientation, monogamy, or gender identification.  Did you know that oysters can change their gender multiple times throughout their lives?

They don’t care about religion.

They connect through consciousness. 

Animals don’t kill for the furs they wear.

They eat when they’re hungry.  A tarantula can go over two years without food.

Animals sleep when they’re tired.  Did you know that a giraffe typically only sleeps an average of a half-hour per day?

Animals don’t do for others that which others can do for themselves.

They don’t fret over parenting roles.  In some species the moms stay home with the kids, and in others, the dad.  Likewise, sometimes the females dominantly hunt, and others, the males.  None do laundry.

Animals don’t let guilt rule their lives. Did I state that one already?  Yeah.  

Animals don’t over-complicate everything.

Animals don’t think they’re superior to everything on the planet.

Animals live respecting the vast symbiotic relationships among the planet, and the animal and plant communities.

Okay … so honestly, I like some animals more than some people, and some people more than some animals.  But what I really like is animals and people who live in honor of everything.

Comments (5)

1. Andrea said on 5/6/17 - 11:38AM
I love this! I have to be honest, before I read it I was already rolling my eyes because I disagree with people who think that animals are more valuable than people, but that's not what you are saying here at all. You nailed it. ;-) I like the interesting animal facts, as well.
2. Jannette said on 5/6/17 - 12:01PM
Me too!!!! For all these aspects you mentioned and more. They are so in the moment and true to who they are. It's fun to watch & learn from them.
3. Suzi said on 5/9/17 - 10:58AM
So very true....They love you no matter what. There are no attachments and really only have basic needs.
4. Karen Garvey said on 5/12/17 - 08:20AM
Thank you for your message, Andrea. I had fun exploring the animal facts and I'm really glad you enjoyed them and the essence of the essay :-) . Happiness to you!
5. Karen Garvey said on 5/12/17 - 08:21AM
This essay was a fun one, Jannette and Suzy! It's really hard to feel tethered when you're watching an animal just be. XO

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