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We're gonna need a bigger boat

by Karen Garvey on 10/05/17

For a decade, I have been predicting a palpable increase in the positive level of awareness of humanity.  I recognized that the shift was increasing at an accelerated rate, thus becoming more visible and attainable by more people more quickly.   That’s great news!  And all you have to do is open your window, your mind, or your heart to see prolific evidence of this shift.

However, there’s a downside, too.  Since the greatest catalyst for change is negativity or pain, and since most people habitually live within a negative range below the line, the perception of an increase in pain will be the primary catalyst for individuals to become aware of more evolved ways of thinking, being, or acting.  Challenge is a knock at the door asking us to remember important eternal wisdom that we may have forgotten.

The universe’s knocks can come in an infinite variety of packages, from disease and injury, to death of a loved one, to crime, terrorism, floods, earthquakes, political discord, loss of job, loss of a home, a breakup, a fire, a near-death experience, acts of hate, etc.  The knocks can come through mass events, or individual experiences.  They can come through a familiar path or something brand new.

We are increasingly seeing the variety in which the knocks are delivered.  Not one challenge is sweeping across the world, but just about every imaginable challenge.

The reason for the palpable increase in worldwide challenge is to give more wake up opportunities to more people.  It’s not punishment nor it is isolated.  The acceleration of global enlightenment is creating a heightened rush of chances for everyone to unite.

The world as we once knew it is evolving.  For those who have integrated fundamental timeless truths, the new paradigm for success will be abundance, as well as harmonious relationships with the planet, with others, with romantic partners, with our bodies, and mostly, with ourselves.  These basic truths are:

- We are one.

- What you think, feel, believe, plus the subsequent actions you take based on these energies, is how you create your physical reality.  

- The only thing that matters is love.

- Self-love is the foundation of all success.

- Hate AND fear are the absence of love, thus hate and fear create all chaos.

Over the years, I have probably worked with or presented to tens of thousands of people whose primary goal is to become happier.  Once the first moment of awareness occurs, many insatiably pursue unlocking their inner wisdom and eternal knowledge, understanding that this path is the path to happiness.

The thing is though, due the accelerating nature of this shift, we don’t have the luxury of taking the leisurely route to remember what we knew or we’ll wind up in the quagmire of chaos with those still asleep.  As the stormy seas are churning up, more people will get tossed from their ships and more ships will get battered in the waves.  The life raft is enlightenment.  Awakeness will keep you afloat.  

That means it’s time to step up.  Know what you know.  Stop resisting your own burgeoning wisdom.  Remember that you are fully worthy and lovable.  Remember that you are powerful.  Remember that you are the creator and the co-creator of your reality.  Just step up and remember it.  

You are not perfect.  You are not finished.  You will never be either.  So remember, without guilt or reservation, that you are wholly awesome.  Discard lingering shame or regret and live to be the unstoppable, limitless soul that you really are. 

Because now more than ever, those flailing in the waters of chaos need a life raft.  They need someone to pull them into the enlightenment raft and navigate to calmer seas.  They need someone who has remembered life’s truths to be a beacon in the darkness.

YOU ARE THAT PERSON. Step up to be the point of light that you are.

And the really good news is that, because of the process of accelerating enlightenment, the numbers of people who will experience their first wake up moment will increasingly increase!  That, of course, means we’re gonna need a bigger boat. 

Comments (10)

1. Bill Hytner said on 10/6/17 - 03:51PM
Thanks for the excellent essay. When you say negativity is the greatest catalyst for change does one have to continually have negative experiences to grow further or could an abusive childhood be all that someone might need ? I love my life but I do think at times do I have to go back to those childhood depths to grow. I think that but I don’t believe I do.
2. Jannette said on 10/6/17 - 04:39PM
The bigger the boat the better! Let's welcome all aboard.
3. Karen Garvey said on 10/7/17 - 04:29PM
Bill - what I meant by "greatest' was not just in terms of "largeness," but also in terms of frequency; I did not mean "greatest" in terms of best. We do NOT need negativity to grow at all. Assuming that challenge is a definitive precursor for growth creates perpetual chaos. So, not only is an abusive childhood more than enough of a catalyst, but ANY chaos is UNnecessary for growth :-)
4. Karen Garvey said on 10/7/17 - 04:30PM
I'm with you, Jannette <3
5. Sue Farbizio said on 10/7/17 - 11:14PM
Karen, I have been with you since 8/2012. My life is filled with love in more ways than I can imagine. I cannot imagine a world without you in it. Your wisdom is amazing, on point, and too important to be without! Thank YOU for what you provide to the world. Together, we will fill many very large boats. : ))) xo
6. Karen Garvey said on 10/8/17 - 08:46AM
Your message is so beautiful, Sue! Thank you. And thanks for being one of those points of light <3
7. Tony Catalano said on 10/8/17 - 11:01AM
Awesome, as always Karen. As we watch what goes on “out there”, we have to watch what goes on “in here”...How we respond to the events will tell us exactly where we are. My new form of entertainment is flipping from FOX to CNN and watching all the different responses. Reality TV at its best! haha! I love this place!
8. carolan ammirata said on 10/9/17 - 11:24AM
Karen, I am so thrilled to come back to my senses. I have been scrambling, trying to research everything. Follow every lead I'm introduced to but every time I get to see you, read from you, learn from you, I know it's right and that I'm back home. I'm always looking too hard for the truth...thanks for making it simple, beautiful and especially allowing me to grow at my pace. I usual struggle to give up my mind to anything but I am happy to say, I am listening to my heart when I give you my trust. THANKYOU
9. Karen Garvey said on 10/10/17 - 09:50AM
Very well-stated, Tony, "out there" v. "in here." Your news approach is funny. My preference is to not watch the news at all, but it's great that you approach it with humor :-)
10. Karen Garvey said on 10/10/17 - 09:54AM
A million thanks, Carolan. Your message is so heartfelt and filled with such depth. Thank you again <3

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