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The World is Counting on You

by Karen Garvey on 11/01/16

Change is inevitable.  

There are fundamentally two types of changes, those which affect your individual experience, and those which affect the collective.  For example, quitting your job is a personal change, and electing a new president is a collective change.

Although it’s tempting to believe that life happens to us, it simply does not.  Life happens WITH us and FOR us, not AT us or TO us.  Individual changes result in more obvious ways how life is happening for us, but what occurs on the bigger stage is also happening for us.  Whether the collective experience involves weather, politics, crime, or any challenge, the experience happens FOR us and WITH us.

Collective change can create fear for some people, because they feel like they have no control over the outcome. The fear that emerges is similar to the fear that arises for some when they fly. They are handing the journey and the outcome to an unknown person with the hope that he or she is highly competent and healthy, and with the hope that the plane and the weather will support their safety.

Similarly, facing the election of a new president, fear can emerge by the thought of handing over the direction of the country to an "unknown" person.  This reaction is caused by the belief that a new president can potentially lead our country to the ruination of life as we know it or life as we would like it to be.  The key word in that sentence is "belief."  Even if your candidate of choice is not elected, if you believe that he or she will have very little direct affect on your personal reality, then guess what?  He or she will have very little affect on your personal reality.  If the candidate not of your choosing is elected and your belief is that ruination has begun, then you are more likely to magnetize and create unlikeable happenings in your life.  You may even suppose that the new administration is the cause, but it's not likely.   It's more likely that your feeling of disempowerment would precipitate the emerging challenges.

So let's connect the two concepts.  If personal change is more likely to show evidence of happening FOR and WITH you rather than AT or TO you than collective change shows, and yet you can create negative changes by believing an upcoming collective change will destroy some aspect of life that you regard highly, then that means that even collective change happens FOR you and WITH you.  In this case, your feeling of disempowerment and your subsequent reaction to that feeling, creates an energy that mirrors back to you a reflection of what you put out there.  The universe's job is to reflect back to us what is going on inside of us in order to ignite self-knowledge (awakening).

So what can you to do enhance your life regardless of which candidate is elected?

Choose your reaction

The greatest determining factor about how collective change will affect you personally is your perception and reaction.  

Suppose the person elected was not who you wanted to win.  How will you react?  Will you move to Canada, or go off the grid?  Will you become irritable and snap at others?  Will you complain endlessly and dislike (perhaps more) the people who you think supported the new president-elect?  Any of these reactions is actually a reaction to feeling disempowered, a feeling that emerged in you long before this election.  To get back your power and transform your energy to allow for a positive transition of government, ask yourself where the true roots of your feelings began. Take time with the contemplation.  Go beyond the surface.  Think back to how you were treated as a child by family, parents, teachers, siblings, coaches, etc.  Were you loved and guided, respected for the uniqueness of you?  Figure it out. Let this knock on the door create a catalyst for you to remember how awesome you are, once and for all.

If your choice of candidate is elected, continue to look for and find the good that surrounds you.  Be optimistic and supportive of the world you want to live in.

Live in respect and honor

Honor and respect everybody’s ideas and respect all people, those whose ideas you agree with and those with whom you disagree.  An improvement in your level of honor will favorably affect you as a person as well as affect humanity.

Negativity attracts negativity

You don’t have the luxury of wallowing in fear, self-pity, confusion, or inertia.  Happily, there are plenty of techniques to overcome these limits.  If an external circumstance creates anxiety or fear for you, the energy you emit will allow for the change to reflect itself more directly in your life.  Choose another focus.  Change your thoughts 180 degrees. 

Find the benefits

Regardless of your perception of external shifts, there are always benefits enfolded in change.  Hunt until you realize not just one benefit, but many.  Perhaps the new president is helping millions of people to realize what they want, or perhaps the new administration is igniting people to find their voices and take back their power.

Pursue self-improvement

Self-confidence, a positive attitude, goal-setting, and surrounding yourself with people, ideas, speakers, articles, and media that support your version of the world you would like to live in will pronouncedly buoy the happiness you experience.

Make your best contribution

You can't do everything, but there are things you can do.  Do them.  Make the world a kinder, more beautiful, more positive, more love-filled place through the choices you make.  EVERY thing you do, EVERY thing you think, and EVERY thing you believe affects not only you, but everyone around you.  And, to some extent, it affects everyone everywhere.  Choose your thoughts, your beliefs, and your actions carefully.  Your happiness and the happiness of the world depends on it.

Shine on!

Comments (4)

1. Bill Hytner said on 11/1/16 - 07:54PM
Awesome Karen. So true about election results. Particularly when it pertains to the winner. Thanks ??
2. Tony Catalano said on 11/2/16 - 01:22PM
"The universe's job is to reflect back to us what is going on inside of us in order to ignite self-knowledge (awakening)." LOVE THIS! The Universe is just showing us who we "are" in that moment! Ornery?... Guess what we're gonna see?! Ha! Love it! " EVERY thing you do, EVERY thing you think, and EVERY thing you believe affects not only you, but everyone around you. ". Awesome stuff (as always Karen)... Simple, yet profound! I'm sure this Saturday is going to be amazing. I'm going to try to come...I'll see how the Universe responds! Ha!
3. Karen Garvey said on 11/2/16 - 06:11PM
Thanks for your feedback, Bill. And regardless of the result, we are ALL winners!
4. Karen Garvey said on 11/2/16 - 06:12PM
Tony, I really hope the universe is conspiring to get you there on Saturday. Highway to Happiness will be LIFE CHANGING! (Plus I want to see you!). Thanks for your comments :-)

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