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Step it Up

by Karen Garvey on 07/06/17

If you think about your worst childhood moments, there is a vibration associated with that experience.  Think about it.  You can almost feel the body’s reaction.  It’s as if your cells hole up in steel containers, just trying to protect themselves from the happenings.  You may remember a mixture of alertness, avoidance, resistance, fear, anger, helplessness, or confusion - a toxic cocktail that destroys harmony.  Whether you experienced that dreadful vibration once, twice, or many times throughout childhood, on some level of consciousness you remember that vibration.

The more often you returned to that vibration as a child, the more likely you are to return to that vibration as an adult.  You do not necessarily recreate the exact experiences, but you duplicate the effect of the experience.  

As I observe clients on the brink of increased happiness, I also observe self-sabotage that accompanies the new joy.  It’s as if the body continually attempts to echo that familiar vibration of childhood.  The new level of contentment is unfamiliar, therefore, the client has no paradigm for how to live to that level.  

Hard to believe, but true!  It’s difficult for us to accept, and live in, new levels of happiness. The process takes time, focus, and determination. 

To step into that new energy space and stay there, certain fundamental changes can pave the way:

1.  Believe that you have the right to live there.  Believe that you have the birthright to happiness, fulfillment, joy, love, and abundance.  There is nothing that you have ever done, or not done, that removes that birthright.

2.  Fundamentally work toward increasing your love of self.  Self-love is the foundation for all success.  The book, Begin Here, is a great start.

3.   Envision yourself being happier.  Take the time to imagine what that looks like, feels like, and sounds like.

4.  Find ways to enjoy peace without volatility.  Oddly, some “bodies” find peace boring, therefore, they unconsciously shake things up and invite in drama.  The drama contains an energy reminiscent of the vibration of childhood chaos. 

5.  Reset your reference point.  Establish goals that are based on achieving peace and abundance, then celebrate their achievement.

6.   Discover new ways to get your pulse pumping.  Repeatedly revisiting the vibrations of fear, disempowerment, and anger give the body a “surge.”  That surge can accidentally be linked with feeling alive.  In order to actively choose a happier vibration, you want to reconnect “the links” by associating a surge with healthy stimuli.  Some examples might be decidedly helping others and getting a rush from their successes, physical adventures or exercise, creating something, public speaking, trying something new that takes courage, etc. 

7.  Recruit a happiness buddy.  Swap encouragements.  Use each other to celebrate living in a higher vibration, and use each other as support allies when the lure of the old vibration is compelling.  Let your buddy guide you past old powerful, self-defeating habits. 

8.  Our journey here on earth is to continually seek a return to the vibrational energy of love, from which we are each derived.  The earth realm has complex vehicles that make navigating our way back to that vibration very difficult but, ultimately, we each make our way there - maybe not in this lifetime, but at some point.  Make it easier on yourself to get there by setting that phenomenal, blissful vibration as your destination. 

You can do it.  I believe in you.  You deserve to be happy.  When you step into new levels of happiness, agree with me by staying there :-)

Comments (2)

1. Bill Hytner said on 7/7/17 - 12:56PM
Excellent as always, you're an amazing wordsmith, ?? My happiness is cradled in love, there's no turning back.
2. Karen Garvey said on 7/7/17 - 01:51PM
Excellent, Bill! It doesn't get any better than that :-)

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