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by Karen Garvey on 09/06/17

Why does happiness so often elude us?

The basic answer is that we are conditioned to set our priorities according to others’ standards at a very young age.  As these standards are narrated to us (subtly or overtly), our belief system about our worthiness and about what is possible begins to become contorted.  The reason this process so thoroughly separates us from our innate ability to be happy is because every person on earth has one singular commonality - the birthright to be loved and valued and appreciated.  When we are rejected, abused, judged, ignored, criticized, or neglected, our instincts to win back love kicks in.  Why?  Because we deserve to be loved.

You can spend decades revisiting your past to determine where you separated from happiness, but all you’re really doing is postponing your happiness again.  The analysis and resultant comprehension can be quick: it need not be an endless undertaking.  You can BUILD happiness beginning any moment in your life, real, sustainable, true happiness.

I know because I did it.  And then I taught thousands of others how to achieve it.

From this overflowing abundance of knowing how it feels to be happy on a regular basis, I am continually inspired to help others to feel this way.  Happiness can be learned.  And you can learn it.  Although I poured four years plus a vast amount of suggestions and exercises into my online course to teach happiness ( - Guaranteed!), I’d like to summarize seven essential points to jumpstart your success.

1. Accept that you are capable of perpetual happiness.

The reason that the self-help industry earns billions is because most people want insights into becoming happy, but they don’t really know how to integrate them.  Our state of being is relatively habitual.  We live within a vibrational range of experiences and emotions that magnetically pull us back to the same state over and over again.  The first step in elevating this range is to believe that you are capable of elevating this range.

2.  Understand that there is no one path to happiness.

Whether information is coming from a guru, master, enlightened one, shyster, convert, or religion, each will tout the merits of their version of the path.  Is there any ONE that is 100% the right path for everyone?  Absolutely not.  Is there one that absolutely brings forth incontrovertible universal wisdom?  No.

The best wisdom out there is information that ignites your love of self and encourages independent thinking.

3.  Believe that, regardless of your background, you can reconnect to your happiness birthright right now.

We all have highly unique journeys.  Some are more painful than others, and some leave more scars than others.  Your journey is specific to you.  It was co-created (by you, the universe, your guides) to give the best possibility of igniting your true, limitless power.  You CAN cut the cord that a painful past has over you when you are willing to accept that you can.  

4.  Comprehension is liberating.

Understanding your past has value, not to blame anyone or to stay within the vibration of the past, but rather to help you understand how you separated, to some level, from your innate happiness.  Until you make that link, it’s understandable that you would feel responsible for your own unhappiness.  You are not responsible for what happened that separated you from your best path, but you are responsible for your choices from this second on.

5.  Quiet your mind.

Meditating is not the only way, so don’t give up if that’s not your pleasure.  Know though, it is essential to quiet your mind on a regular basis.  That’s how you cut through the sludge you have been taught.  I’m happy to intuitively help you find the best methods for you to quiet your mind.  My intuition is limitless and acts as your shortcut. 

6.  Honor your intuition.

While a quiet mind is the surest pathway to intuit information, valuing and growing your intuition in any and every way possible will immensely contribute to your happiness.  If you’d like a boost, attend my events, watch my videos, and read my books and essays.

7.  Give yourself permission to have fun and to play.

Although we are largely conditioned to be hyper-responsible, fearful, and over-scheduled, our happiness abounds when we allow ourselves to live in awe and playfulness.  We are entitled to be free of worry.

You have one shot at this specific lifetime.  Why not choose to be bursting with happiness during it?

Comments (4)

1. Jim Cisek said on 9/10/17 - 01:21AM
Well intentioned but like most challenges in life- easier said than done
2. Karen Garvey said on 9/10/17 - 09:09AM
That's the truth, Jim! When I was going through the years of getting rid of my baggage and layers, I found that if I surrounded myself by words and people that resonated, and then paid a lot of attention to them, it made the transition easier. Happy Sunday to you!
3. Bill Hytner said on 9/12/17 - 07:34AM
Thanks for teaching me much appreciated ??
4. Karen Garvey said on 9/12/17 - 09:07AM
I'm happy to, Bill :D

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