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Know Me

by Karen Garvey on 08/07/17

As a conduit to guides, I can attune to information that is valuable, timeless, and inspirational.  It consistently cuts through the haze of human amnesia and allow us to remember that which we have forgotten - that which we knew before we were born.

In order to help you continue to tap into your own soul’s wisdom, I have channeled a message from your guide.  The message is worth remembering:

From Your Forever Guide With Love:

I guide you from the moment you awaken, until the moment you go to sleep.  I guide you from the moment you were born, until the moment that you die.  I never separate from you.  My guidance is in your strength; it’s within your wisdom, and it’s within your knowingness.  It’s within your mistakes; it’s within what you see as your shortcomings.  My guidance is there when you sleep.  My guidance is there in my love for you.  Often, your lowest moments are the times that you feel me, and know me, and see me, and sense me the most.  I never, ever separate or disappear from your life.  In the happy times, and not so happy times, I am there by your side.  I may seem energetically more significant to you when you are feeling unhappy, or disempowered, or sad, because it is important that you know how loved you are, and how much I will never ever, ever, ever leave you, that I am by your side, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Sometimes when you are feeling the most happy, and the most ecstasy and bliss in your own happiness, when you feel those celebratory moments, you can also sense my being there with you, celebrating, throwing confetti, helping you ride the wave of goodness of what it feels like to be the soul that you really are.  I have shared all of these moments with you, and I will always have these shared experiences with you.  My goal is to have more of those celebratory moments with you, and fewer of those pained moments, because I want you to remember and re-experience what it is like to be a pure soul without any human encumbrances.  

Let this guidance in.  You are never alone.  The greatest peace came to me in my own journey when I remembered this truth.  Please remember it for yourself, too, and enjoy all the powerful signs, support, tenderness, happy prods, and wisdom it provides.  Enjoy your guides; you have many and they all feel the same way - they want you to know them and they will always be there for you.  

Comments (8)

1. Joseph McGonagle said on 8/8/17 - 08:50AM
I am in constant awareness of my guides. Lead by my intuition I expect them, I accept them and I act on their guidance.
2. Karen Garvey said on 8/8/17 - 09:16AM
I love that, John! What an awesome way to live :-)
3. Bill Hytner said on 8/8/17 - 12:16PM
Excellent ?? Thank you for all the introductions �� and wisdom. Couldn't imagine life without them.
4. Carolyn oldenbusch said on 8/8/17 - 06:10PM
Howard is sending so many signs - always visuals - or things. Coincidences. As amazed as I am in the moment of "seeing" - the most difficulty I have is Totally believing - and keeping that belief. It is as if the logical brain is hard wired to counter this. Hope to see you soon. ( Spellcheck is making word copy hard)
5. Karen Garvey said on 8/9/17 - 03:09PM
I'm so glad you're experiencing the connections, Bill :D
6. Karen Garvey said on 8/9/17 - 03:11PM
I agree - our left brain is ego, and ego tells us that to be deemed worthy, all our beliefs must be "rational, " logical, and proven by science. That same part of the brain can really take the fun out of life, in this way and many others lol. I really hope to see you soon, too Carolyn!
7. Suzi said on 8/11/17 - 03:20PM
When reading this , it was like if Justin was talking to me...I am forever grateful for the signs, coincidences..keep them coming to heal my heart...Thank you and I am so Happy to Know You, you are an earth angel...ox
8. Karen Garvey said on 8/11/17 - 04:10PM
Well, Suzi, you, better than most, understand the process. So I say Justin was definitely connecting directly with you <3 <3

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