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by Karen Garvey on 12/04/16

In the tale of Rudolph, the abominable snowman is mean and scary.  Little kids hide their eyes when he blocks the cave with Rudolph and the others inside.  Even adults are on the edge of their seats as the scene cuts to a commercial and we don’t know who’ll live or die (well … maybe not, but who knows?).  

I like that the abominable snow monster’s name is Bumble.  It reminds me how we bumble through life before we “wake” up and remember truth.  We can be mean or scary.  Or we can be afraid and insecure.  We behave in all these silly ways because we’ve forgotten the awesome truth of how extraordinary we are and how great life is.  

When Hermey removed Bumble’s teeth, Bumble lost his bite.  Unable to attack or threaten anymore, he remembered that he was, by nature, good-hearted and lovable.   Whether our defense mechanism is to attack or to retreat, to sacrifice or to steal, or to feel superior or inferior, we bumble through our day-to-day experiences in the dark as to why we behave as we do.  We forget what on earth we’re doing here.

Step away.  Just step back, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Why am I here"?Are you meant to struggle?  Are you meant to suffer?  Should you spend a lot of time trying to get out of a state of pain?  Are you meant to be mean or to judge others?  Are you meant to be afraid often?  Do any of those answers resonate with you?   Or do you think, perhaps, you’re here to enjoy, to love, to create, to be, to feel joy and happiness?

It seems like everyone knows, deep down, we have the birthright to happiness.  Cultural, religious, familial, and media brainwashing separate us from this truth, and the collective conversation is further pushed as we face hardships.  Yet, despite how we (as humans) live, life is meant to be enjoyed.  Struggles and hardships as the norm are based on a collective agreement that humans constructed as they separated from the enlightenment we know as souls without bodies. 

Remembering what we knew at birth and reclaiming our birthright is the key to unlocking everlasting happiness.  All the profound wisdom and tools are right there inside of you, and I dedicate my life to helping you recall them all.  My mission is to increase the positive level of awareness of millions of people … and I will get it done!  With your help, of course.

Choose happiness.  And join me in my mission to help others unlock theirs as well.

Do you want to know another great thing about Bumbles?  They bounce!  Bumbles bounce.  That means that no matter how much bumbling you’ve done in life, you WILL bounce back.  You will unlock the life you want to live in all its full richness and vivid beauty.

Let’s keep getting there together.

Shine on!

Comments (2)

1. Karen Garvey said on 12/13/16 - 12:09PM
We apologize for the glitch with the comment postings this month. And a very happy thanks to those of you who emailed your comments when unable to post. We're back in business!
2. Bill Hytner said on 12/21/16 - 12:01PM
Excellent as always. Realizing how silly some things are is an awakening. Profound ! No doubt you'll reach millions ! You got this :)

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